5 Inventions That Changed the Fashion World

The world of fashion is constantly evolving and changing over time. It’s hard to narrow down trends exactly. What’s in today may be out tomorrow, and what was cool in the 1950s might make a comeback today. Nevertheless, these five inventions that changed the fashion world forever made their mark on everyone.

Leather Jacket

During WWI, the United States designed the bomber jacket exclusively for pilots, considering it kept them warm and was comfortable to wear. Paired with the new and innovative zipper, the Schoot company capitalized on the famous coat and made its first leather jacket. 

The “biker jacket” became a sign of rebellion as celebrities popularized the garment. The “King” Elvis Presley and the “Godfather” Marlon Brando walked so Arthur Fonzarelli could run.

Black Dress

Chanel’s pioneering little black dress has many origin stories, so it isn’t easy to decipher fact from fiction. Some claim she couldn’t take puffy extravagant dresses, motivating her to build the iconic gown to create a fresh exquisite style.

Another tale has it that Chanel designed the outfit in 1926 as a homage to her late boyfriend. Her design made quite a stir in the fashion world that’s still felt today. The little black dress symbolizes immaculate taste and sophistication; it is unlikely it ever goes out of favor.

Two-Piece Swimsuit

Off the heels of WWII, Paris was the scene of one of the most controversial fashion outcomes ever. A brave model walked the fashion catwalk in a two-piece swimsuit designed by Louis Réard, sparking widespread outrage.

At the time, many deemed such overexposing apparel scandalous. The swimsuit got its name after the atoll of Bikini, where they tested atomic bombs. The bikini was still controversial until Hollywood starlets Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe donned the fit.

Blue Jeans

Entrepreneur Levi Strauss obtained a patent for the renowned blue jeans in the late 19th century. Strauss created the jeans as working clothes for the blue-collared men: overalls with compartments for tools and cash. Levi’s is still running strong today, although the branded T-shirt might be in more demand than their jeans nowadays. Jeans have now become a popular piece of apparel all around the world.


Some garments are easy to take for granted, as they have seemingly been around forever. The brassiere is one of those inventions you forgot hasn’t always been there. Women had to wrap their bodies or stuff themselves into corsets to appear ladylike centuries ago.

However, Caresse Crosby was looking for an alternative and manufactured the first commercial bra. Since then, bras have become wildly popular with women, and fashion designers capitalized on its popularity by incorporating beauty with the bra’s function in mind.

Some innovations like the high heel, the miniskirt, and Crocs weren’t on the list of the five inventions that changed the fashion world. But these items had the most significant impact for generations to come.

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