4 Must-Haves in Your Closet This Summer

With summer right around the corner, you’re probably assessing your hot and sunny weather wardrobe. 

Even still, it can be tricky to dress the way we want to when the temperature starts climbing; after all, you want to wear something light and breezy when you start to feel sweaty and fatigued — and that’s not an easy feat for anyone. 

Looking to stay cool and remain stylish all summer? Then add some or all of these four must-haves to your closet.

1. Fun, Breezy Dresses 

Is there anything more classic than a summer sundress? While your mind might conjure up an instant image of what you feel is the quintessential summer dress, there are plenty of options. You can pick out your perfect summer dress or dresses in various lengths and fabrics or from solids to stripes, polka dots, or florals. What’s more, you can go with strapless, spaghetti or tank straps, or short-sleeved versions. The summer dress is yours for the choosing, including fantastic options in the form of knit, midi, cut-out, striped, printed, mini and tiered.

2. Relaxed Denim

This summer, you might discover a new favorite pair of denim jeans. And if you’re looking to be part of a popular spring 2021 trend that shows no signs of fading, then know the in-style fashion choice is straight-leg, relaxed jeans

One possible reason that this style has become so popular is that people are still easing back into the world due to COVID-19 restrictions and trying to find the middle ground between comfortable yoga pants and anything more formal and tight-fitting.

Indeed, this style strikes the perfect balance of looking neat, kempt and fashionable while providing the right amount of comfort. Wear these with your favorite flowing blouse or tank top and you’re set for date night or to hang out with friends at a local cafe. 

3. Lightweight Blazers 

The chatter about lightweight summer blazers started at the beginning of 2021 and has only grown louder throughout spring. These stylish offerings are perfect for long days on Zoom meetings or in the conference room, followed by nights in chilly movie theaters or late-night walks. 

Of course, there are countless styles from which to choose that offer the perfect balance when it comes to the temperature in your office, the amount of time you spend outside and how cool your nights become. Pair your favorite blazers with jeans, skirts, dress pants and/or cargo pants depending on the occasion and your mood. 

4. Sassy Bra and Panty Sets 

Finally, you can’t forget the most important piece of clothing lying closest to your skin. Indeed, it’s important to create a wonderful base layer with beautiful bra and panty sets and other intimates from a retailer like Yandy. Not only will you find affordable bras that work with any top, including tank and spaghetti strap styles, but you’ll also love wearing comfortable panties that look great and show off your form in the best possible light. And as with many of the intimates available through Yandy, you’ll find that the top pieces can double as shirts to wear under a blazer, lightweight cardigan or shrug. 

Glide into Summer in Style 

Once you add some of these pieces to your summer wardrobe, you’ll no doubt feel ready to take on the sunny world. Choose a few lovely sundresses that suit your style, invest in some relaxed denim and a few blazers, and don’t forget your intimates, as you’ll probably spark a few local trends while you’re living life to the fullest.

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