The early 2000s were an awkward time for fashion. Here are 9 ways we all used to wear layered shirts.

As anyone who once wore flip flops with formalwear can tell you, the 2000s were a really, really painful time in the world of fashion. We tried to make things work that did not work. We tried to force colors together, we tried to force patterns together, and we tried to layer shirts on top of each other that DID NOT NEED TO BE LAYERED. Here are 9 examples of how we misunderstood the concept of layering in the new millennium.

1. Awkward vests over awkward blouses.

As we all know, Kate Moss can do no wrong when it comes to fashion, so this outfit is still kind of tolerable all these years later. That’s a fact. But if you squint your eyes and imagine these clothes on someone else’s body and under someone else’s face, you’ll notice that they’re super awkward. Why did we accept the trend of wearing open vests over blouses… with haphazard schoolboy ties on top? Why?

2. Awkward scoop necks over awkward tank tops.

Diane Kruger looked freaking hot in this outfit in the 2000s, but I can’t say I’d recommend this look to the good people of 2014. Just say no to spaghetti strap tops that peak out of same-colored t-shirts. Also, just say no to the term “spaghetti strap.”

3. Awkward clashing colors and awkward clashing textures.

I miss you, Nelly Furtado. I do not, however, miss outfits like this one. She looked stylish when she first wore this out, but the color combination doesn’t exactly hold up all these years later.

4. Awkward tiered tops.

First of all, how freaking weird is it to see pictures of this Miley Cyrus? Second of all, how freaking weird is it that we all accepted these ruffly, tiered tops?

5. Awkward lace over awkward satin.

When you’re a fashion icon, you’re bound to wear clothes that don’t make a ton of sense right off the bat. Case in point: Sarah Jessica Parker layering black lace over a hot pink halter top. Cool at the time… weird now.

6. Awkward sheer sweaters over awkward sheath tops.

Two questions. 1) How has Jennifer Lopez not aged at all in the last ten years? 2) How did we look at this outfit and not immediately start squinting our eyes? The worst part of it all is that I would have absolutely worn this in high school, especially with the nonsensical belt and the plastic pearls.

7. Awkward jackets over awkward turtlenecks.

Hilary Duff was the queen of teen style back in the 2000s, and because of that, her red carpet outfits aren’t exactly timeless. Did she look super cool back then? Totally. Does she look like a confused mom when you see this picture in 2014? Uh, yes.

8. Awkward shredded tops.

All hail early 2000s Nicole Richie! Appreciate this hair. Appreciate the fact that it’s gone now. Appreciate this shredded top layered over a bra top. Appreciate it all.

9. Awkward jackets over awkward tops.

I’m a firm believer that it should be illegal to speak ill of Brandy, but this outfit does NOT translate to the modern-day. If you saw someone wearing this at the mall, you’d probably be concerned for them. That being said, outfits like this one made me bow down to her back in the day.

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