See The Glorious Evolution Of Iranian Beauty In The Past 100 Years
See The Glorious Evolution Of Iranian Beauty In The Past 100 Years. (Photo: @sheen.saghar_salehi)

Cut’s new video shows how Iranian fashion and beauty trends have changed over the best 100 years from 1910 to 2010.

The brilliant people at Cut have created a new video to show how beauty and fashion trends have changed over the past 100 years in Iran. (They were the ones who showed the beauty evolution of white and black women and compared the two.) The new video documents the changes in Iranian beauty from 1910 to 2010 in just over a minute. The different looks are modeled by the Iranian-American model, Sabrina Sarajy. It is a fascinating video to watch, and it’s no surprise that it already has over 900,000 views despite only being posted two days ago.

The Iranian beauty look has changed dramatically through the last 100 years, from the strong brows of the 1910s to the full-bodied curly hair of the 1970s. It is interesting to see the beauty looks that defined a decade for Iranian women and compare them to the iconic looks in the other videos featuring models of different ethnicities. For example, the beehive hairdo and bold, graphic eye makeup that Western society often associates with the sixties was just as popular with Iranian women.

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The video also highlights how politics affected beauty trends and women throughout the years. In the 1910s, the model was wearing a hijab, but in the 1930s, she wasn’t wearing one, which reflected the time period when hijabs were banned. In the 1980s, Sabrina was wearing a black hijab and covering a lock of exposed hair. This recounts the 1979 Iranian Revolution and how women were repressed. The most modern look portrays the model with her hijab draped loosely over her head, with long flowing curls visible.

The video perfectly captures how politics can affect everything, including fashion and beauty, and how trends are incorporated around the world. It is very enlightening, and I definitely look forward to seeing more videos on the evolution of beauty from different countries.

Check out Cut to see more videos.

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