A floral bouquet box is a box that is typically used to hold flowers when being delivered on a special occasion. At Floristique, instead of the traditional floral bouquet box, we like to give our customers a beautiful ceramic flower pot that can hold up to four flowers.

Why Buy a Flower Bouquet Box?

1. The perfect gift for someone special

To give a person you know a flower box is one of the most thoughtful gestures. It does not only mean that you care about them, but it also makes you look more thoughtful and generous. They are very sure to feel loved, appreciated, and surprised as no one has ever given them anything so far. It is a romantic thing to do and it definitely would make their day.

2. More decent and classy presentation

The flower bouquet box is a much more classy and decent way of presenting flowers when compared to the traditional way. It is very convenient to carry since there are no worries about finding the right vase for it. You can also conveniently bring it almost anywhere you go especially when you are traveling. The flower pot in particular looks beautiful when placed on your coffee table or any other lounge room furniture. A cute birthday flower box is a good idea if you want to surprise your loved ones with flowers on their birthdays.

Why Buy a Flower Bouquet Box

3. No worries about watering the flowers

The ceramic flower pot acts as the holder of the flowers. It is also practically leakproof so there will be no worries in case it accidentally breaks. There is no need to worry about watering the flowers since they stay fresh and alive for a very long time in the box.

4. It is creative

The ceramic flower pot is a very creative gift idea that has been used by many people throughout history to show their love and affection for each other. It also has an innovative look to it as opposed to the conventional floral bouquet box that most people have been used to using before.

5. The flowers look bigger and prettier

The flower box is the perfect and the most beautiful gift to give someone special. It also has a very different look compared to the traditional flower bouquet. Instead of a box, people usually have a flower pot that looks much more classy than any other flower bouquet matters nowadays. This is a way that tends to save a lot of money as well.

6. You can add your personal touch to it

It is a very creative idea to give someone flowers that can hold up to four individual flowers. It is a good way to make one’s gift look more special and personalized. The color of the flower pot could be one’s favorite color or even their favorite flower. For example, pink is the most popular color that people choose to use for the ceramic flower pot. A pink flower pot is a good gift idea for a person with a birth month in May.

Flower Box Bouquets Are The Perfect Gift

7. It keeps the flowers protected

Giving someone flowers in a box ensures that they are protected and delivered in a safe place as there are no worries about stopping along the way to pick up flowers because they are already present in the ceramic pot. It also saves a lot of money especially if one buys a ceramic flower pot that is already available and on sale.

At Floristique, we understand that flower bouquet boxes are not the best way of giving flowers to a loved one. The modern flower pot is what people should be advised to use. The ceramic flower pot can hold up to four individual flowers at once unlike the box that only allows two or three. We are dedicated to delivering quality products and services to our customers. Contact us to place your orders now.

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