What to Wear on your Wedding

Weddings are a lot of fun for everyone and yes they need a lot of preparations as well.

You, as a bride, need to make some crucial choices when it comes to deciding on your appearance for your big day.

It is the day when all eyes will be on you and you must look your best. To accomplish that you must pick out your wedding outfit before you decide on your jewelry.

To ensure the fabulous bride look, you need some grandeur pieces of jewelry to compliment your outfit.

Not only would you want to look gorgeous but also have some meaningful pieces of jewelry that reflect your style and personality making you radiant with your own poise.

Making such decisions when there are innumerable options to choose from can be a daunting task.

So how do you go about choosing the right kind of jewelry for your special day?

Well, we are here to guide you on what to wear at your wedding with these simple guidelines.

Let the outfit guide your decision

Let the outfit guide your decision

You should always start your jewelry shopping once you have finalized your outfit. Depending on the shades and style of your outfit you can then choose on the metal and gemstones that would complement your entire look.

If your outfit has vivid colors then keep your jewelry subtle and toned down. But if that is not the case and the colors are solid then you can complement your outfit with some contrasting shades in the metal or gemstones you choose.

Whatever you choose to wear will play an important role to keep you calm and increase your confidence on your big day.

Choose your neckpiece according to your neckline so that it makes your neckline look prettier. So before you go about making your jewelry purchase take a close look at your outfit and select a grandiose design that would not just show off your dress but also highlight your appearance.

Make your list and decide your budget

Take your time to decide what pieces of jewellery you would want to wear.

There are multitudes of options for an Indian bride to choose from so select something that you really care about.

No matter what you select to wear but some pieces of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bangles are a must for every bride.

Once you know what pieces of jewelry you want to adorn yourself with, finalize on a budget.

You don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket by buying something that is completely out of your budget.

Comfort is the key

Weddings can be exhausting especially for the bride and just like your outfit; your jewelry should be such that it makes you feel comfortable.

You might be dreaming about wearing those fancy dangling earrings but if wearing those even for a few minutes keeps you on the edge then you might want to decide otherwise.

Select something that not only suits you but is also comfortable to wear as the wedding day is long and tiring and you don’t want to look uncomfortable on your special day.

Mix and match to your style

Mix and match to your style

Gone are the days when everything you wore had to match perfectly where red was worn only with red.

You may want to look at some different pieces of jewelry which may not necessarily blend with your outfit but would stand out making you look simply exquisite.

This is the perfect time when you can include your heirloom jewelry along with the new pieces you just bought.

Wear on your grandma’s elegant bangles or your mother’s beautiful necklace along with the jewelry of your preference and style that will definitely accent your overall appearance.

Over accessorizing is a strict “No”

The last thing you want is everyone chatting only about your jewelry rather than you. For that elegant look, we always believe in the “less is more” mantra. Too much jewelry is not necessary to make a statement.

However, if you are really fond of more jewelry then choose a part of your body to emphasize with it and keep the rest balanced with small baubles.

Size matters

Whether you are deciding on your necklace or earrings you will need to decide on the size as well.

If the décolletage of your blouse or dress is deep then a bigger piece would look amazing otherwise you can also wear a collar necklace that is hugging your neckline for a rich look.

For the size of your earrings, you should first decide on your hairstyle since if you decide on leaving your hair open the small earrings would go unseen.

Hence, go for some bigger dangling earrings or if you are actually attracted to smaller earrings then you may want to consider an updo hairstyle.

Give yourself plenty of time

Bridal jewelry is as important as your wedding dress but sadly it gets associated with the accessories category and hardly gets much-needed attention.

Just like your wedding dress, you would want to try on your jewelry before your wedding day so don’t wait till the last minute to buy or order your jewelry.

This will help you if any changes are needed or if at all you change your mind. Make your jewelry decisions well in advance so as to make sure you have got that perfect look that you wanted.

Reflect your personality in your jewelry

Reflect your personality in your jewelry

You probably must have selected your outfit that matches your personality so why not follow the same with your jewelry.

Hitting the trend may be nice but does it really express who you are?

Wearing something that makes you feel out of your skin on your wedding day would simply add on to the stress.

If you are someone who prefers minimalist jewelry then go for some simpler pieces that would not only match your dress but also making you comfortable as you look your best.

Don’t go cheap

Yes we know how expensive weddings can be and you are trying your best to cut down on costs but jewelry should not be something that you decide to go cheap on.

Don’t choose something that you will wear just for the day, but something that you would also want to wear in the future.

Choose quality pieces that you will wear again and may even pass on to the next generation. Such timeless pieces will give you worth for the money that you invested in them.

Wear different jewelry for different events

Wear different jewelry for different events

Since the wedding will be the highlighting event of all the functions you would have, it is significant that your wedding jewelry is exclusive from what you wear for other events.

Other events that are before and after the wedding will give you an opportunity to experiment with pieces of jewelry that you always wanted to try on.

Wearing different jewelry for different outfits will give a completely different look and feel to your wedding.

When it comes to “The Day”, everyone will have their opinion on what you should or should not wear.

But remember that it is you who will be wearing it and so you should be making the final decision. With the above tips, you should be able to make the right choice and make your wedding day really special not just for you but also for your groom.

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