A well-known song line might be dedicated to all the brides dressed in white, but it doesn’t mean that you should stick with the non-colour only because the other brides do it. If you decided to ditch the traditional white for another hue, you’re not the only one, as more and more brides prefer coloured gowns because they represent their personalities better. 

You don’t have to like white wedding gowns only because most women do it, you can be a modern bride and pick something special. The secret is to dress in something that makes you feel and look your best. From gothic black to rose pink gowns, they all make wonderful choices for your special day. 

However, before you search for a dress for your big day, it’s crucial to determine what shade best complements your skin tone and what wedding theme works with it. Here are some tips on finding the perfect wedding dress in a colour that stands out.

Go seasonal

You already decided you don’t want to wear a pearl white wedding gown but don’t know exactly what hue to choose. Your wedding season can be a starting point in picking a shade. Suppose you have a wedding during the spring or summer; you can try dresses in soft colours and light pastels like yellows, blues, and pinks. If, on the other hand, you’ll have your wedding during the fall or winter, you can go with some richer hues like navy, grey, or even black. 

Here’s a list of wedding gown colours to pick, according to the month you plan to get hitched. 

January – look for dresses in tones of emerald, dark blue, icy shades of blue, lilac, plum, grey, or metallics

February – dresses in hues of burgundy, purples, pinks, or reds would work

March – mark the first month of spring by wearing a dress in yellow, blue, green, or blue

April – try dresses in shades of rose, yellow, blue, or green

May – gowns in pastels and brighter hues like purples, pinks, and blues would look great

June – you will look great at your ceremony in a purple, pink, yellow, blue or green dress

July – bright colours like coral, peach, turquoise, or pink are the best choices

August – almost any colour is perfect for an August wedding. Pinks paired with golds or blues are the most popular choices this month

September – grey, burgundy, plum, teal, gold, blush, and navy are ideal choices for the first month of autumn

October – golds, coppers, yellows, oranges, reds, and other earthy hues are perfect for an autumn wedding gown

November – as the weather is getting colder, you might want to go with warmer colours like gold, burgundy, slate, or navy

December – a wedding dress in colours like silver, gold, green, or red would look great. 

Consider the time of the day for your ceremony

Besides the season, the time of the day when you have your ceremony should also impact your wedding gown choice. For example, a spring or summer wedding with an early start time and outdoor components requires a dress in feminine tones. If you also like flower patterns, you can consider including them in the model. Weddings organised during warm seasons usually have brighter décor that works great with bolder dress selections. 

If, on the other hand, you have your wedding during the colder seasons like autumn or winter, you prefer a shimmery dress to embody the sparkle of the snow. 

Your dress can complement the wedding theme

Suppose you have a wedding theme; you can pick a dress that reflects your personality but also complements the overall colour scheme of the wedding. Here is a list of the most popular wedding themes and some colour suggestions for each. 

Beach – beach wedding dresses usually come in gold, sea green, aqua, turquoise and other shades of blue

Classic – a combination of white and blue is a classic pairing

Boho – you could go for a yellow, pink, orange, red, or earthy tones gown

Garden – any colour that you see on your flowers will work for this theme. You can also pick a white or nude dress and have ribbons attached to it to depict a garden of colours

Forest – as expected, shades of green and brown are the best choice for a forest wedding. They can also act as a backdrop for a detail-rich gown that also features shades of golden yellow, coral, rust, burgundy, deep plum, or blush

Fairy-tale – a dress in a soft colour or metallic hue would work great for this wedding theme

Glamorous – sparkly fabrics and metallics are the best choices for glam events. You can also add some accents of dark blue, red, or purple

Romantic – if you want a romantic wedding, a pink, red, burgundy, or purple dress would look wonderful, especially if you add some gold touches

Vintage – a borrowed dress would be the ideal choice. But if you don’t borrow one, look for a gown in shades of gold, dusty blue, pink, violet, or grey

Rustic – the best shades for this kind of event are blush, burgundy, golden yellow, peach, moss green, or rust. 

Think about the bridesmaids

When you choose to wear a coloured wedding gown, you must think about the bridesmaids and how their weddings will look because you want their gowns to complement yours. You can pick bridesmaids dresses in softer hues than the ones you’ll wear or in contrasting shades to draw attention to you. Consider the wedding venue and event theme when picking colours for the bridesmaids’ dresses because they’re supposed to look like a unit. 

Final words

A wedding day full of colour sounds great, so why limit your wedding dress choices to white when you have so many other shades you can choose from? If a non-white dress better represents your personality, don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices. 

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