If you’re struggling to settle on a theme for your wedding, don’t panic! All that matters is that you and your partner are happy. Here are a few things to consider to help you narrow down your options when choosing your wedding theme.

Keep Elegance in Mind

Even if your wedding will be a more casual affair, it is still a classy event. Because of this, it’s best to ensure you dress up any themed items enough to match the day’s tone. This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose themed décor or attire, but rather that your theme should inspire those items.

For example, if you want an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding, opt for bright, colorful flowers, décor items like keys and old books, and a dress inspired by the novel. This will make the event feel whimsical and fun, but still give it the touch of class necessary for a formal occasion.

However, it’s best to avoid overly cartoonish details. Decorating with cutouts of the characters from the Alice in Wonderland cartoon and wearing a literal Alice costume to walk down the aisle will make your wedding feel like a children’s birthday party.

You can absolutely theme your wedding after you and your partner’s favorite novel or piece of media, but be careful not to overdo it!

The Color Palette

Creating a color palette is an essential step for any wedding. If you’re struggling to settle on a color scheme, start with one color you and your partner both love. Next, add a complementary color to that first shade. If you start with sage green, blush pink is a great choice. A pale green or light blue can work well if you start with a deep purple.

Once you have your primary and secondary colors, add a few neutrals and an accent color. You’re aiming for four or five total colors. These colors will inform every aspect of your wedding day, from your outfits to your décor, to ensure you get a cohesive look.

Here’s an example: Start with blush pink as your primary color—accent with sage green to add depth. Bring in dark brown and cream to create contrast without clashing with the original colors and champagne gold to add a metallic flair.

Your Personal Style

Ultimately, your and your partner’s personalities matter most on your big day. When choosing your wedding theme, consider what would make the two of you the happiest.

Take notes on how you dress on a daily basis. If you love cottage-core fashion, consider a garden wedding. If your style is more alternative, add some gothic elements. If you live in western wear, have a country-themed wedding. You could even wear your cowboy boots with your wedding dress!

No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with being true to yourselves. Your wedding doesn’t have to look like it belongs in a magazine! It just has to make the two of you happy.

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