It’s possible to plan a fuss-free wedding; all it requires are some strategic steps. Discover the best ways to keep your wedding simple and enjoy the festivities!

Keep the Guest List Small

It’s OK not to invite your third cousin’s best friend to your wedding. For your sanity and budget, start with a small guest list. Intimate weddings are enjoyable as you get to surround yourself with the people who mean the most to you. Create a guest list with your partner and put a limit on the number of attendees you want to have.

Offer a Simple Menu

Depending on the cuisine, menus can eat up (pun intended) a lot of the wedding budget. Instead of extravagant meals, go with a simple menu. Select a few key dishes, sides, and appetizers that you and your guests will enjoy. Make things easier with a catered selection.

Go With a Casual Dress Code

A major stressor for wedding guests is the attire. People feel pressured to purchase new (and expensive) attire for the festivities. Alleviate stress by going with a casual dress code. For instance, casual spring wedding guest dresses include cocktail and midi dresses. Guys can wear chinos, button-down shirts, and unlined cotton jackets. The hassle-free attire adds a relaxed vibe to the wedding and keeps it simple.

Find a Versatile Venue

One of the best ways to keep your wedding simple is to find a versatile venue for both the ceremony and reception. You avoid the stress of shuttling guests from one place to the other, and you don’t have to worry about traffic delaying the wedding party.

Versatile venues like hotels or resorts offer separate spaces for wedding activities. For example, have the ceremony in the courtyard and host the reception in the banquet hall.

The added bonus is that out-of-town guests can stay at the hotel or resort!

Opt for Easy Bridal Party Glam

Bridal party glam can take up a significant amount of time on the wedding day. Save time and stress with easy makeup looks. In particular, matching red lips is a great kind of makeup that bridesmaids should wear, especially for simple festivities. The bold lips add uniformity to the party while giving bridesmaids the freedom to choose their eye and face makeup.

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