Having a specific theme for your wedding has become all the rage after decades of basing everything around certain colors. Some unique ideas might seem a little unconventional, but you might find yourself coming around to the idea of them. If you’re looking for a great theme for your upcoming nuptials, one of these 15 is sure to fit your style!


Medieval Wedding Theme

For the bride who’s a little more on the edge, this throwback theme is very stunning. Have your bridesmaids carry lanterns instead of flowers, and incorporate lots of candles. An excellent idea is to have the guests dress up in renaissance attire, so it feels like the wedding is set at a different time. The groom can deck out in a full suit of armor while the bride can wear a silky gown and tiara. It is a very dramatic theme for a wedding, and incorporating many different elements will make your wedding day truly unforgettable.


Vintage Wedding Theme

If you like the antique feel, the vintage theme is for you. From lanterns to old typewriters, the vintage theme is always romantic.


most popular wedding themes

All that glitters is gold! There are all kinds of ways to make your wedding sparkle, and the metallic theme is very popular these days.

All White

all-white wedding theme

Having your wedding as a white party is a stunning idea. Encourage everyone to wear white, including your mother and bridesmaids. It makes for great pictures and makes decorating easy.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

It might seem a little far out there, but there are tons of HP fans that use this for their theme.


elegant nautical wedding

If your wedding is on the water, a nautical theme is always a good way to go. Anchors are very popular in decorations, as well as oars, and this would be great for a beach wedding!


forest themed wedding venues

An outdoor wedding is a great opportunity for a woodland theme. Decorations are cheaper than most if you use things like moss, branches, and tree trunks.


travel themed wedding decor

There are so many ways to revolve your wedding around the travel theme. Your invitations can be tickets or passports, and objects like globes and maps make great centerpieces.


Best Antler Wedding ideas

Antlers are steadily becoming one of the biggest wedding accents there is. From being incorporated in flower arrangements to cake toppers, you can use these anywhere.


wedding venues for book lovers

For the bride who loves to read, it’s so easy to make your wedding revolve around them. They make stunning centerpieces, and you can use quotes from your favorite books to use in other spots.


elegant carnival themed wedding

Carnival is a great theme for a wedding because you can incorporate lots of games to entertain your guest. The possibilities are endless with this one, and you can dress it up.


Baseball Wedding Theme

Any sport can be turned into a great theme for your wedding, but it appears baseball is the most common. You can use tickets for the invitation and have peanuts and popcorns for your guests to munch on, and it’s super cheap!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Wedding Inspiration

Peter Pan is a great mix of a fairy tale with woodland touches.


beauty and the beast wedding theme

Any fairy tale will do here, but most girls choose Cinderella when they think Disney princess. From arriving in a carriage to actual glass slippers, the possibilities are endless.

Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby Wedding Ideas

This is a great theme for the bride, who likes things a little more fancy. This encourages your guests to dress to the nines and includes lots of gold.

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