Wedding Ring Traditions
8 Wedding Ring Traditions and Trends: Wedding Ring Traditions

Wedding Ring Traditions

As an everlasting symbol of commitment, the wedding rings are one of the most important elements of the marriage ceremony. The endless circle both embodies and contains the couple’s love for each other. Read on to discover dozens of traditions and superstitions that surround the engagement and wedding rings, including unlucky gemstones and who should guard the rings. Couples are also coming up with creative ways to include their bands in unique unity ceremonies, such as ring warmings and blended families exchanging rings.

History of the Engagement Ring

History of the Engagement Ring

History of the Engagement Ring traces the origins of the betrothal gift, which dates back to the ancient Egyptians. The modern single solitaire diamond is a relatively new tradition that was invented by a successful 1947 marketing campaign and a robust post-war economy in America. The article also takes you through the traditional shapes, including the classic round diamond, the princess cut, the vintage cushion cut, and the most requested six-claw Tiffany count.

Choosing the Wedding Band Stone

More than 70 percent of American brides say they prefer a diamond for their wedding ring. Why Diamonds Best Represent Marriage explores the reasons, the rare jewel came to represent true love. You’ll also discover the luckiest settings, according to Feng Shui, and the meaning behind colored diamonds.

Wedding Band Stone

In Spain, France, Italy, India, and Greece, other gemstones are just as prized for their unique beauty, mythological properties and historic associations with marriage.

Wedding RIngs: Precious Gemstones offers three alternatives to the traditional diamond that are rumored to bless marriages with wisdom, passion, and devotion.

Wedding Ring Alternatives: Semiprecious Gemstones takes a look at six lucky stones that various cultures believe have the power to bless a marriage with happiness and harmony — and two unlucky stones that can curse a marriage.

The Charm of the Ring Bearer

Ring Bearer

Having children in the wedding is an ancient custom that is meant to bless the newlyweds with good luck in starting a family. The Charm of the Ring Bearer explores the history of this tradition while Should You Have a Ring Bearer? Offers tips on ways to manage a young boy’s unpredictable behavior and keeping the rings secure. You will also discover creative ways for your handsome little guy to carry your rings down the aisle.

Unity Ceremony: Ring Warming

Ring Warming

The ring warming is a beautiful wedding unity ceremony that lets you invite all of your guests to participate in supporting your marriage. This is a wonderful ritual for a small, intimate wedding, religious and non-religious ceremonies, multicultural marriages and same-sex unions.

A Ring Warming to Bless the Marriage gives you ideas for keeping your rings safe and options for how to hold the ceremony.5 Readings for RIng Warming Ceremonies provides suggestions for explaining this tradition to your guests and quotes for personalizing your readings, signage or guest favors.

Picking a Sentimental Wedding Ring

Sentimental Wedding Ring

Personalize your marriage band by Picking a Sentimental Wedding Ring. Learn what to look for when shopping for antique rings and ideas for making the rings more personal, such as proposing with an heirloom ring, choosing birthstone gemstones or inscribing the inside of the bands with special words.

Wedding Ring Superstitions

Wedding Ring Superstitions

There are a number of superstitions that surround the cherished wedding bands, ranging from cursing the rings with bad luck if they are bought on Friday to other people stealing your good luck when they try on your ring.

Cultural Wedding Rings

Cultural wedding rings reflect your deeply emotional connection to your heritage. Explore these options for designer engagement rings and wedding rings that feature imagery from tribal cultures, including the Persian carpet knot, Yin-Yang design, and Celtic Claddagh.

Mangagement Rings

Although a woman’s marriage proposal is relatively rare in the U.S., Mangagement Rings are on the Rise. It is also common throughout the world for men to wear engagement bands, including in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Ireland.

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