Bridal Makeup Tutorials For Every Kind Of Wedding

Okay, so first things first, let me just say this: I’m a huge advocate of doing your own makeup, but if you want to splurge and pay for a professional to come in and do it for you, that’s totally fine. I’m sure they know how to apply it so that you don’t immediately sweat through it way better than I do. However, if you want to do your own makeup, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options you have. Seriously, if you search the term “wedding makeup tutorial” on YouTube, you’re given so many videos that all look so similar, it would take hours to sift through them and find the one that works for you. It’s painfully time-consuming, and as a bride, you probably have a million other things you have to do.

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That’s where I come in. I’m not a bride, and as such, I don’t have a million other things I have to do. I also happen to have pretty extensive knowledge of YouTube makeup tutorials because I have no friends. I did a pretty aggressive amount of research for formals/Halloween parties/etc during college. So, I thought, why not use my knowledge to help some brides out there by sharing some of my favorite tutorials?

And then, I took it one step further: I selected four popular types of weddings/bridal styles and found the best makeup tutorial for each! I know, I’m so helpful, no need to thank me (in writing, that is. Flowers are always welcome). Check them out below:

For The Traditional Bride

Not that I’m planning my wedding at all (because I’m so single it would be hilarious if it wasn’t, you know, not hilarious), but if I was, this is probably the look I’d go for. It’s fresh and clean but still visibly made up, and it’s matte enough to keep from looking shiny in photos but highlighted enough to avoid looking flat. Basically, it’s timeless.

For The Beach Bride

The description for this video describes that this tutorial was created as a test run for the beauty look to see how it would hold up in the beachy weather before the actual wedding. I’d highly recommend that you do this, too—there’d be nothing worse than spending all that time getting ready only to have your look ruined by wind or humidity.

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For The Bare-Faced Bride

If you’re more of a no-makeup kind of girl, that’s fine too! I’d always recommend wearing at least a little bit of makeup for big events like this, though, but then again, I’m the kind of person that wears at least a little bit of makeup every day, even if I’m just going grocery shopping. This tutorial is totally natural but still made up—a pretty good compromise, I think.

For The Glamorous Bride

And then there’s the bride who wants to go all-out glam for her big day. She’s probably wearing a dress with tons of jewels and doesn’t mind wearing tons of makeup so long as she looks absolutely stunning. This golden smokey eye is a standout look that’s perfect for an elegant affair.

Did your style not make a list? Any other tutorials you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

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