It probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you begin to shop for your bridal outfit. However, wedding jewelry can offer that extra dazzling touch. Alternatively, choose the wrong piece of jewelry, and you could be ruining the whole ensemble. So, it is something that should be considered carefully.

Wedding Jewelry
Wedding Jewelry — Wedding Hair Accessories

Just like buying a bridal gown, it’s a good idea to shop around for your wedding jewelry, see what styles, colors, and designs suit your tastes and the theme of your wedding, and then try several pieces on for size.
At the moment, there is a real trend for big, bold, statement wedding jewelry in the form of elaborate and ornate headpieces. Just two famous big-name designers who give us examples of this are Alexander McQueen and Chanel.

Let’s start by looking at Alexander McQueen’s beautiful headdress, which is simply dazzling, covered in an array of jewels and gold. This ‘look’ is clearly influenced by Ancient Egypt and, in particular, the extravagant jewelry of Egyptian queens.

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen – Wedding Jewelry – Image Source:

Now, it has to be said that in order to work as wedding jewelry, McQueen’s headpiece would have to be teamed with the right dress. For example, the striking piece would look at odds with a very understated gown.

So, what about Chanel? Well, here we’re graced with a slightly more subtle headpiece. Again, it’s clearly Egyptian-inspired, with the model even wearing Cleopatra-Esque make-up (something to consider if you’re considering Egyptian-themed wedding jewelry).

Chanel - Wedding Jewelry
Chanel – Wedding Jewelry – Image Source:

With the thin headband and the large cluster of jewels on the forehead, you could easily imagine this headpiece flattering many styles of wedding gown.

However, you don’t have to re-mortgage your home to find stunning wedding jewelry like McQueen’s or Chanel’s. Arpie and Maral has its own Egyptian-inspired, dazzling headpiece. Aptly named ‘Cleopatra,’ this stunning piece of wedding jewelry falls somewhere in-between McQueen’s extravagance and Chanel’s understatement.

Swarovski crystals

Crafted from lace and Swarovski crystals, it’s hand-beaded. As you can see, the lace of the headband is not dissimilar in style to a laurel wreath. We then have three stunning interconnected segments of bling, which drop majestically over the forehead.

bridal fashion jewelry

We recommend pairing this striking wedding jewelry with a super, sleek, modern dress. If you’re loving the look of this headpiece but concerned that it will seem ‘too much,’ bear in mind that your wedding ensemble should reflect you as an individual. It should certainly say something about your character and style. To me, this chic piece says: bold, classy, and elegant.

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