Per­haps the most impor­tant ele­ment of your wed­ding plan­ning (at least as far as you’re con­cerned) is choos­ing the right wed­ding dress. Shop­ping for a designer wedding dress should be a fun and excit­ing expe­ri­ence. How­ever, unless you avoid a few com­mon pit­falls, it can also become a lit­tle stressful.

Thank­fully, with the fol­low­ing sim­ple steps, you can steer clear of poten­tial anx­i­ety and ensure that you choose the per­fect gown for you.

Finding a Wedding Dress That Flatters Your Shape

Step One: Where and When Are You Get­ting Married?

Nat­u­rally, bridal gown shop­ping is the most excit­ing part of wed­ding prepa­ra­tions, so you might be tempted to place it at the top of your to-do list. How­ever, before you can begin to make a deci­sion about what style of designer wed­ding dress will look good on you, you might like to think about what style of designer wed­ding dress will suit the loca­tion and date of your wedding.

For instance, your choice of dress will be dif­fer­ent depend­ing on whether you’re hav­ing a sum­mer or win­ter wed­ding. More­over, a beach wed­ding requires a dif­fer­ent style to that of a church wedding.

Step Two: Nar­row the Designer Wed­ding Dress Field

When you begin your search for the per­fect designer wed­ding dress, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer vol­ume of bou­tiques, design­ers, and bridal stores to choose from. In order to make your search sim­pler, it’s a good idea to browse some mag­a­zines, cat­a­logues, and web­sites — find a hand­ful of styles and/or design­ers that you like, then visit those stores.

I’d strongly rec­om­mend hav­ing a right-hand gal (or, let’s not be sex­ist about this, guy) along when you begin to try on bridal gowns. This per­son should be some­one whose opin­ion you value and trust. More­over, it needs to be some­one who doesn’t hold back — what you need, when try­ing on a designer wed­ding dress, is bru­tal honesty.

Step Three: Think Body Shape

Almost every bride looks utterly gor­geous in her wed­ding dress, which can lull you into a false sense of secu­rity. It doesn’t mat­ter what type of dress you choose, you’ll look great, right?

Well, not nec­es­sar­ily. As with any other item of cloth­ing, your body shape should be con­sid­ered. Some gar­ments and styles flat­ter spe­cific body types bet­ter than oth­ers. So, when look­ing at designer wed­ding dresses, it’s a great idea to remem­ber this.

Step Four: Love the Fact That it’s All About You

On your day of days, all eyes will be on you. A few on your groom, of course, but, let’s face it, the bride gets the lion’s share of the atten­tion at a wed­ding. This is some­thing you may find a lit­tle daunt­ing, but it should be embraced.

It’s some­thing that should also be con­sid­ered when choos­ing your dress. Many designer wed­ding dresses have lots of beau­ti­ful embell­ish­ments, and you may favor this style. On the other hand, there are many clas­si­cally sim­ple gowns that look equally elegant.

Step Five: Make Sure You Find ‘The One’

As Fair­ground Attrac­tion so rightly observed, “It’s got to be per­fect.” Chances are, you’ll spend a con­sid­er­able amount of money on your designer wed­ding dresses. It’ll prob­a­bly be the most expen­sive item of cloth­ing you ever own. So, make sure you find the gown that has your name writ­ten all over it — not lit­er­ally, obvi­ously, that would look a bit weird.

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How to Choose the Right Designer Wedding Dress

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Your wedding dress is likely to be the most expensive article of clothing you will ever buy – and rightly, so! After all, your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and, let’s not forget, one of the most important days in the lives of your family too.

However, we all know that once the day is over, you will never wear the gown again (well, not in front of anybody), and that thing of beauty that you spend months searching for is destined to just hang in your closet gathering dust.

It doesn’t have to be that way – You can let the gown live again!

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Which Wedding Dress Style Works for You?

Which Wedding Dress Style Works for You

As you flip through various bridal publications, you are probably generating a good idea of your dream wedding dress. But because there are so many variations in today’s wedding gown fashions, it becomes more difficult to select the right wedding dress for ourselves. I list some different wedding gown styles; I think there is always a style that works for you.

A-line Wedding Dress

This is the most popular gown silhouette. As the name suggests, an A-line gown forms a triangular shape from top to bottom. The bodice is narrow and hugs the flattering curves of your upper body and works its way down to form an “A” shape at the bottom.

Full Skirt or Ball Gown

Although the necklines and sleeves may vary, this old-fashioned gown silhouette is similar to A-line; however, it flows into a much fuller skirt. Created with layers of tulle or a petticoat underneath, ball dresses are probably the most traditional romantic dresses. Ball gowns with billowing full skirts are perfect for tall brides with narrow hips. It is not particularly a good silhouette for petite brides who may appear lost in their dress.

Princess Dress

Another deviation from the A-line dress is the princess dress. Princess dresses have noticeable vertical panels that extend from the shoulders to hips and below, which the A-line does not. This fairytale silhouette lends itself well to short-waisted brides that necessitate the appearance of length. Brides with thick-waists should probably steer clear of the princess cut since it accentuates the mid-section.

Empire Dress

The empire silhouette is characterized by its high-waisted design, typically sewn with a seam just under the bustline. The flow of an empire dress with its smooth transition from bust to hem offers a delicate, period-looking dress style that often makes petite brides appear long and lean.

Mermaid Dress

Also sometimes referred to as a “trumpet” silhouette, this modern style is fitted in the top and bodice, and then opens up into a beautiful flare from the thighs (trumpet) or knees (mermaid). Mermaid gowns continue to be a favorite for today’s sophisticated brides since they add an element of contemporary flair to these modern-shaped wedding dresses.

Sheath Gown

For brides who do not want a bulky wedding gown, this style virtually falls straight down from the neckline to hem. The form-fitting lines of a sheath are excellent for naturally thin brides-both short and tall-with hourglass shapes. They add height to a petite bride and accentuate a tall bride’s slender frame.

Two-Piece Gown

Although not as popular among young brides, more and more top-name designers are adding elegant two-piece dresses to their collections. Simply stated, a two-piece dress has two distinct pieces, a top, and a bottom.

Where to Buy Best Wedding Dresses in Dubai

Where to Buy Best Wedding Dresses in Dubai

After a year of filtering through bridal collection after bridal collection to seek out the best wedding dresses out there, we have come to the conclusion that there are simply too many stunning gowns out there – luckily we’re not getting married in the next twelve months, so we don’t have to choose!

But if you are finding yourself counting down to your wedding day, but haven’t found the right dress yet, check out our favorite wedding dresses in Dubai for some inspiration. They have a wide range of wedding dresses, and the price of the most luxurious wedding dresses ranging from $300 to $9,600. Depending on what kind of wedding dress you are looking for, you could find a dress for as little as $300.

There are many advantages when buying a pre-loved wedding dress on Dress Come True. You might ask yourself if you should buy a pre-loved wedding dress? Well guess what; you can buy your dream wedding dress

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Benefits of Buying Pre-loved Wedding Dresses

  • Pre-loved buying dress saves you up to 90% over retail.
  • Pre-loved dresses are sustainable and more eco-friendly.
  • You buy yourself a designer wedding dress you might otherwise not afford.
  • You own the dress, and you can resell it afterward.
  • You will stand out in the crowd.
  • Buying pre-loved clothing is ethical and humane.
  • It connects you with brides selling their wedding dresses, and you can negotiate directly with the seller in a safe and secure environment.
  • You can meet the seller in person, try the dress on and pay in cash, or pay securely online and have the dress shipped to you.

There are hundreds of positive feedback from sellers and buyers, and the listings on are straightforward. Browse a vast range of designer wedding dresses to select the ideal look for your big day! When you are ready to buy the dress, contact the seller using the ‘Contact Seller’ button, ask all the questions you might have, and meet the seller in person. Agree with the seller on shipping terms, asking price, and payment method.

I completely recommend to anyone looking for the perfect designer wedding dress. This is an excellent opportunity to find your dream wedding dress in Dubai.

Buying a Pre-loved Wedding Dresses

Buying a Pre-loved Wedding Dresses

Buying a pre-loved wedding dress has never been easier than it is today. Not only has the internet opened up a number of ways for sellers and buyers to come together for this type of transaction, but an increasing number of women are deciding that instead of gathering dust in their attic, their dress could be put to better use.

Perhaps it’s their need for cash that motivates them to put their pre-loved dress up for sale, or maybe they just want to donate their dress to a worthy cause. Whatever the reason, buying a pre-loved wedding dress means you can pick up a gown that’s only ever been worn the once, or, as is the case with some wedding dresses, never.

One place a bride-to-be can pick up an amazing bargain for a wedding dress in Dubai is at Just knowing when and how to shop for a pre-loved gown at a store can lead you to the dress of your dreams, at a fraction of what you’d pay for it brand new.

Where to Shop

It probably goes without saying, but don’t rely on one store. Cast your net wide and visit as many stores as you can. Obviously, this means starting your search earlier rather than later. Don’t leave it until a few weeks before your big day to start shopping.

Don’t just stick to the bigger thrift stores when shopping for a pre-loved gown, either. There’s no telling where people will donate used wedding dresses.

How to Shop

Always ask the sales assistants if they have any wedding dresses for sale if you can’t see any on the shop floor. Sometimes wedding dresses are kept in a separate area as they’re too big to place on the clothing racks.

Take stock of contact cards with you or a Post-It pad so you can give your contact details to the store and ask that you be called should a dress come in.

Considerations to Make

While you may be lucky and find a pre-loved dress you like that doesn’t need cleaning or altering, it’s wise to budget for what could be necessities. There’s every chance that buying a used wedding dress from a thrift store will mean that it needs to be professionally cleaned. Some stains are more difficult to remove than others. For example, biological stains (e.g., perspiration stains) can be difficult to remove if they’ve been there for a while.

Similarly, food spills that weren’t properly removed immediately they occurred may also be difficult to remove now. However, don’t worry if you’ve fallen in love with a dress that has a few stains that look as though they will be hard to shift. It’s possible to have the offending material replaced with new.

While any necessary costs such as these should be factored into your overall budget, the total cost will almost certainly still work out cheaper than buying a new dress.

If you find a pre-loved gown that’s a little too big or too tight, again, alterations can be made. An experienced seamstress or tailor can work wonders, so don’t write off any dress without employing a little imagination first.

And if you add effort and perseverance to that imagination, then you’re well on your way to finding the perfect pre-loved wedding dress for a fraction of the price of a brand new one!

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