Tips for a Painless Wedding Dress Shopping Experience
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Have you ever heard of the word ‘bridezilla’? Well, that’s what you become when things aren’t going your way. Weddings are the ultimate highlight of every woman’s life, and each one of us expects that day to go perfectly. However, when we have painful experiences, such as choosing the wrong dress or venue, we end up becoming the one thing we hate the most, an unhappy bride. So, let’s start off by setting the foundation right, which means choosing the right wedding dress. A bride can bear a windy day at a beach wedding, but only if she is wearing the dress of her dreams. Luckily, we can assist you in that department by providing the following foolproof tips and tricks to make your wedding dress shopping experience not only memorable but also stress-free.

1. Research and get inspired

The number one mistake all brides-to-be make is to go in with the motto “I’ll see what I find.” Nope, when you don’t have any idea about the kind of dress you want, you’ll have a hard time finding the right dress. So always go in with inspiration and a solid idea of how you want to look in your wedding gown. So, fire up the internet and look for inspiration, rip pages from a magazine or design your own if you are good at it. It would help if you compiled a visual file of all the dresses, themes, colors, and designs you think will help you connect to the right dress.

2. Set your budget

There’s no use in wasting your tears over a dress you can’t afford. Whether you are going for designer wedding dresses or trying your luck at the local boutique, it’s always best to shop with a budget. Yes, we know it’s your wedding, but other things are going on in a wedding besides the wedding gown. So, if you want to avoid a painful shopping experience, figure out your budget beforehand. Remember, setting a budget will not narrow your choices; instead, it’ll make it easy to select one. Therefore, consult your partner and family with the wedding gown budget and enter the shop with your head held high.

3. Shop ahead of time

A custom-made gown can take anywhere from 4 to 10 months to be made, and let’s not forget alteration, fittings, and shipping. So, just to be on the safe side, you should start hunting for your wedding dress at least ten months before your wedding date. This will allow you to search for the wedding dress of your dreams without pressure and can rack in multiple fittings to ensure that the gown fits you perfectly. No bride wants to be pushed through the wedding gown selection process, so it’s better to be an early bird.

4. Choose where to shop

When researching wedding gown inspiration, you should also look into the places offering the dress you have in mind. Deciding where to shop for your wedding dress depends on the budget, how far you have to travel, and how quickly they are willing to provide you with the dress. List down the potential candidates and start making phone calls so that nothing is left to chance. Ask as many questions as you want and book at least two to three appointments if you are so meticulous about choosing the right dress. Choosing where to shop beforehand saves you from the pain of wandering around the city aimlessly.

5. Pick your bride tribe

Do you know what can ruin a perfectly good wedding gown selection appointment? Too many opinions. Choosing your entourage is as critical as choosing your wedding dress. Why? Because the more people you take with you, the more you’ll be confused and annoyed. It is highly important to surround yourself with positive people and energy in such an important phase of your life. That’s why take a long hard look at the people around you and decide who can actually make a meaningful contribution or give you a bit of valuable advice. Feedback is often vital to brides, and that’s why it should come from people who truly understand your taste and feelings.

6. Shop according to your size

One common mistake soon-to-be brides make is ordering a dress for a size they wish to achieve before the wedding. That puts a lot of strain on the bride, both mentally and physically. You can always get your dress altered at the last moment, but it’s best if you shop for your current figure. Don’t wait for your body to conform to the dress you have chosen, and instead, choose a dress that best complements your shape and size. Remember, your partner will love you even if you show up in a pair of jeans, so relax and listen to your body.

Just in case you went ahead with those mistake above anyway, there’s always backup plans like choosing from in stock wedding dresses. Better something than nothing, right?

7. Don’t buy unless you try it

Don’t let that lovely dress on the hanger fool you. Instead, follow a rule of thumb; if you haven’t tried it, don’t buy it. You should not make the mistake of judging the dress only because it looks great on the hanger. It may look right, but it may not complement the look you are going for at all. There’s no harm in trying as many dresses as you want because that’s how you’ll understand about the dress and design that fit you. So try on the dress, look from every angle and even have someone take photos for reference.

8. Trust your stylist

How many brides have you styled? None, that’s the point! When you walk into a bridal shop, the face that meets and greets has met countless brides before you, and they know what all of them may have been going through. So consider your consultant your best friend who is only there to ensure that you leave with a big smile and the dress of your dreams. That’s why we’d recommend that you put your faith in a skilled consultant and be open about what you really want. Communicate your ideas and desires and also keep an open mind about their suggestions.


The highlight of every wedding is undoubtedly the bride, and most guests are always dying to see what she is wearing. That’s why wedding dress shopping is always a matter of great importance for every bride. However, your best shopping experience can easily turn into a nightmare if you don’t go in with a plan. That’s why we bring you tried and tested tips and tricks that every bride swears by. These will help you have a smooth experience so that the only thing you can focus on is to look stunning.


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  1. Shopping in advance as much as possible could really take a load off of us when we help my sister prepare. She’s been asking for as much advice as possible from her immediate family when it comes to her wedding, and we really want to make sure she feels satisfied when it’s all over. I’ll call everyone else and arrange for a shopping session in advance when we find wedding dress boutiques in the area.

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