Wedding Cake Pops

Every­body loves a wed­ding; it’s an occa­sion to get dressed up in a new out­fit and then go and have a great time watch­ing a friend or rela­tion tie the knot. I, for one, get very excited about the whole deal and really look for­ward to wed­dings. There is so much tra­di­tion involved that it takes me back to my own, and this is a lovely feel­ing. Of course, over the years, wed­ding tra­di­tions have become a lot more relaxed. These days a Maid of Hon­our can proudly stand up at the recep­tion and deliver a superb wed­ding speech, but that’s not the only new thing on the scene. There is one which is a lot of fun, and I have to say, I think it is one of the great­est ideas any­one has come up with for a very long time when it comes to wed­dings. Wed­ding Cake Pops!

I am, of course, talk­ing about ‘wed­ding cake pops.’ If you don’t know what they are, don’t feel too badly about it because until recently, nei­ther did I. These are lit­tle bite-size pieces of wed­ding cake which are on indi­vid­ual sticks – just like a lol­lipop. They are gor­geous to look at and very handy to offer out to guests for lots and lots of reasons.

Some cou­ples are even opt­ing to have wed­ding cake pops instead of a tra­di­tional wed­ding cake, and it’s a great idea. But hav­ing them with the cake is even bet­ter. No more cut­ting slices of cake and plac­ing them in nap­kins to take home for a great aun­tie and oth­ers who couldn’t make it to the wed­ding. You can just take them a wed­ding cake pop, and how good is that?

A lot of bak­eries, who make wed­ding cakes to order, have real­ized wed­ding cake pops are becom­ing more and more pop­u­lar. As such, they too are now offer­ing this an option, so it is def­i­nitely worth check­ing out if the baker you’ve cho­sen to make your cake does make wed­ding cake pops to go with it.

These lovely lit­tle bite-size pieces of wed­ding cake really do add another dimen­sion to a wed­ding. They are great fun, and what’s more – they’re delicious!

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