6 Types Of Wedding Dresses That You Should Know

The day that you said yes to your partner’s proposal might also be the day you picture plenty of wedding dresses in mind. You just can’t wait for your big day and walk down the aisle to say your ‘I do.’ As you plan for your wedding, choosing the perfect wedding dress should be on the top of your list.

As you browse for wedding dresses online, you might already have your top favorites. While those can be helpful when you go dress shopping, you must try to identify which type of wedding dress would best fit you. This way, you’ll know which dress would complement your body, along with seeing which one you’re comfortable with as you walk down the aisle. Moreover, read below for the types of wedding dresses you should know.

What are different types of wedding dresses?

1. Ballgown

One of the classic and romantic wedding dresses is a ball gown. This type of dress has a large fluff that’ll give your dress volume. With this look, you might fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming a princess on your wedding day. Additionally, it can also help make your waistline smaller and more defined.

When shopping for ball gown wedding dresses, explore various fabrics such as chiffon, organza, satin, or lace. Your fabric choices can define the look and mood you’re going for on your wedding day. Just ensure that you’re comfortable carrying its weight as you walk down the aisle, as ballgowns tend to be heavier since you’ll use at least three layers of fabric.

2. A-Line

A softer take on a ballgown dress is an A-line dress. This type of dress creates a soft illusion look that could help make your waist feel smaller without the added weight from the layers of the dress. In most cases, you’re only going to use two layers of fabric for the bottom to create a small volume.

An A-line dress is excellent for achieving a romantic and soft look. It would work best with lace to maximize a feminine vibe. You can also play with various necklines. However, most brides find V-neck, off-shoulder, boat neck, and scoop very appealing and complementing. This dress would go best for every body type as it’s soft and not too form-fitting.

3. Mermaid

If you’re feeling a bit sexy and would love to emphasize your body’s curves, going for a mermaid dress would be the best option for your body. This type of dress is exceptionally form-fitting and allows you to flaunt your hourglass body.

Apart from showing off your curves, a mermaid dress is one of the most dramatic dresses that you can choose from. In most cases, a mermaid dress is fitted from the top up to the half part of the thigh. With this, it might be pretty challenging to walk and sit around with. Ensure that you find the perfect fit that’ll allow you to walk and sit comfortably during your big day.

4. Sleeves

Most elegant dresses come with either sleeveless or a soft strap. However, if you’re feeling a bit more royal, conservative, and traditional, going for full sleeves is the way to go. This will help to give your wedding dress a dainty look without revealing too much skin.

There are plenty of ways to play with sleeves on your wedding day. You can either go for a full sleeve or three-fourths for a softer feel. Moreover, you can also use a full fabric or go for lace to create a sleeve illusion while showing a hint of skin without covering it entirely.

5. Backless

If you’d like to be a bit daring on your big day, going for a backless dress would help you achieve the look. With a backless dress, you can use the area to create outlines or play with laces that can create beautiful illusions. Moreover, it can also help to make your body feel sexier and more adventurous.

When going for a backless dress, it would be best if you could avoid strapless as you’ll need to get as much support as you need. Ideally, you should try this with a V-neck, halter top, asymmetric, halter strap, square, scoop, or illusion.

6. Mini Dress

If you’d like to be unconventional, going for a mini dress would be the perfect choice for you. This would be best if you’re not the extremely dressy type of person or you’d like your wedding day to be casual and simple.

Going for a mini dress would help provide a bridal feel if you go for below the knee length with a soft texture. You can be as plain or as extravagant as you’d want to be as your veil would practically dictate that you’re the bride of the day. Moreover, you can wear this after your wedding as comfortable wear for the party.

The Verdict

As you decide which type of wedding dress would go best for you, you must know various styles to know which one would best fit your body type and personality. If you’re having trouble deciding, you can fit each style and see which dress you’re most comfortable in.

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