Being tasked with taking someone’s wedding photos is a big responsibility, as these are the photos they will look back on for years to come to remember their wedding day and to commemorate a very special occasion. Not only this but there will never be another chance to capture these photos. It is important that you can make these wedding photos stand out as much as possible and that they are unique from many of the other wedding photos that you have seen. Here are some tips to ensure that your wedding photography is top-notch and that you come away with pleased customers. 

Release Butterflies

A great gimmick that you can use to create beautiful photos is to release butterflies within the frame of the photograph. Releasing butterflies can add beauty to an already beautiful occasion and will create the perfect picture for animal lovers. As the butterflies are released, you might be able to capture some wonderful reactions from the wedding party as they watch the butterflies fly away. Butterflies can also hold a lot of cultural and religious symbolism for some people that they may want to include within their wedding photographs. You should buy butterflies to release from Cloverlawn Butterflies. They will be able to provide you with a mass-release box or single-release envelope that can allow you to easily release butterflies into your surroundings and on the grounds of the wedding venue in question. You will have to be on the ball to get great photos from this, though, and you may want to use the action features on your camera so that the images do not come out blurry.

Take Candid Photos

Many wedding photographers simply decide to take staged photographs and no others. While staged photographs are beautiful and are perfect if you want to take a photo of the entire group and check that everyone is involved and in the picture, staged photos can often look awkward and might not be very genuine. Instead of taking staged photographs, you should consider opting for candid photos. These can capture the mood and atmosphere of the day, as well as any humorous and unique goings-on. This can represent the day and even the love between the couple, much more than any photograph which you have meticulously set up. You should try to roam as much as possible throughout the day and ask guests to ignore you and go about their day as if you are not there. This will give you the opportunity to get great photos of each guest and each event during the day and can allow your clients to have lots of memories caught within the pictures that you have taken.

Use the Right Editing Software

However, although you need to have great skill when it comes to framing and taking photos to be a good wedding photographer, it is just as important to get the right editing software. Editing software can allow you to transform photos that would otherwise be thrown out, especially if you have a lot of blurred photos or photos that are not straightened enough. Editing is also important as it can allow you to draw more focus to the important elements of the photo, perfect the lighting, and create a mood for your photo. For instance, you might be able to soften photos or add a tint to make them look more romantic. This means that it is vital that you look around for the best editing software. However, you should be aware that subtle is often best, and you should ensure that you do not get carried away when you are editing so that you can still retain the beauty of the original photo you took.

Get Perfect Lighting

It is also important to get the right lighting for your wedding photography. You can do this by making sure that the photos are taken at the right time of day. For instance, for a soft and romantic photo, you might consider asking your clients to go on a photo shoot at sunset. Natural lighting can often be better than artificial alternatives, and this may mean that you have to work around the weather and light outside and that you need to stay aware of it at all times. If this is not possible, you should consider investing in lighting equipment, such as soft box lighting. This can mean that you can always get the best light for your photographs even if the elements are not working with you on the day of the wedding.

Choose an Incredible Backdrop

It would be best if you also tried to choose an incredible backdrop for your wedding photos. For instance, your couple might decide that they want a photo shoot near a place of natural beauty or even in a local meadow or field. Although you do not want this backdrop to dominate the frame or to take away from the wedding party, an incredible scene can make the photos look unique and personal, and your happy couple is more likely to look relaxed and natural if they are in a setting of their choice. You should not always default to taking photos within or just outside the wedding venue and should instead look around for potential places that could offer something new for the images in question.

Affection is Key

Whatever you do, the key to a good wedding photo is capturing the affection between the couple you are photographing. Whether this is through a pose or simply through watching how they naturally interact, distilling the affection that they share and ensuring that this shows up in your photographs can create beautiful wedding photos that the couple will treasure and that are able to represent the love that the couple has for each other. In this case, you should not shy away from showcasing affection within your wedding photos.

There is a lot of pressure on wedding photographers to capture the couple’s day perfectly. With these top tips, the day should go without a hitch.

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