Tips For Finding Creative Last-Minute Gifts

When a store has run out of stock, you’ve missed the big sale, or you have simply forgotten the occasion, last-minute shopping becomes inevitable. Luckily, it can still be easy for you to find a decent gift at the last minute. Some might even save you a couple of bucks.

Not sure where or how to start or plainly out of ideas? Let this be your guide in looking for creative presents for your loved ones on short notice:

  1. Look For Something Practical

Some people appreciate a few aesthetically-pleasing trinkets. They enjoy something they can put on a shelf or desk to add a bit of beauty. But many will gladly accept a gift they can use regularly.

Retailers commonly rely on a gift wholesaler that offers unique and specially designed items. You have choices like mugs, socks, pouches, and scented candles. So, if you’re in a pinch when buying gifts for family and friends, you’d have a lot to choose from. 

  1. Satisfy The Stomach

No one will resist getting good food. Food is an excellent last-minute gift idea, especially if the person you’re giving a gift to is a huge foodie. If you have the skill for cooking or baking, now’s the perfect time to show off your talents and make someone happy.

Cupcakes and cookies are the usual fares as far as edible gifts go. But you can step it up by customizing them with your recipient’s favorite colors or flavors. They’ll love munching down on a sweet treat that tickles their tastebuds. Put the treats in a pretty box or a cookie tin and tie a big bow around it to catch their eye.

If you’re not a natural in the kitchen, try checking out a local small food business. Some stores offer promotional food bundles or samplers for an affordable price. You’ll find aesthetically packaged goodies in excellent flavors. Not only will you score some good deals and good food for your loved ones, but you’ll also help the business out. It’s a win-win!

thoughtful last-minute gifts
  1. Curate A Care Package

Sending subscription packages is a neat trend some businesses follow to provide customers with their products every month. At the same time, it’s a way to promote their services because people often share their boxes on social media. 

You can buy a subscription package containing something your friend or relative may enjoy. It can focus on skincare, snacks from around the world, or anything for their well-being. There are hundreds of subscription boxes you can choose from that have options for a month-to-month payment or a free trial box. Your loved ones can then just decide whether they want to continue the subscription or not.

Another option for you is to create your own. As you know the recipient personally, you can curate a care package for them, like DIY beauty treatments or handmade knickknacks. 

  1. Slip Them A Gift Card

Most people would prefer receiving money (and who doesn’t?), but a gift card for teens are a close second. If you have no clue what to give at short notice, this option can solve that. Almost all known retail businesses offer gift cards at varying prices. All you have to do now is pick one that suits your budget, and ensure it’s from a store your loved one frequents.

Gift cards from those who have no idea what to give exactly make excellent presents. It gives the person free rein to pick what they want from the shop. It also lessens the chances of an unhappy recipient. Giving someone something they don’t like has a definitive spot in the list of embarrassing moments.

  1. Go Digital

In the age of modern technology, most millennials and Gen Z folk highly appreciate gifts they can use on their phones and computers. You have a lot to choose from, such as movies, eBooks and games. Voracious readers will love receiving new Kindle-supported ePubs, while avid gamers will enjoy trying out the latest console or PC games. The best part about digital gifts is that there’s no wrapping needed. So, you save more time on that too.

When looking for gifts like these, though, make sure the recipient has the correct device which they can use to access them. Otherwise, they won’t able to enjoy your gift to the fullest. 


Gift-giving is one of the ways people can show their love to others. You can always give your loved one a well-thought-out gift, even if it’s already the last minute. You can eventually find something worthwhile if you know your loved ones well and are resourceful enough. A number of excellent gifts can be found at sites like 365 In Love that are both affordable and love-filled.

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