Thoughtful & Easy Gifts for Faraway Friends

Friendship is a special bond that can withstand almost anything. Time, space, and arguments can take a toll, but in the end often serve to strengthen the relationship. It’s important to be grateful for those we call friends, to keep them in our circle of trust and show them love, no matter how far away they call home.

  1. Long Distance Lockets. The Evermee Locket is a Pandora in a box. How it works is that one person scans a photo into the bank, and the other person runs the phone app over the locket to then see the photo. Pictures can be changed at any time and the locket is available in six different styles. There’s no battery or recharging of the locket, and it’s also waterproof. Update the photo whenever you like to reflect your mood, share a memory and convey love, no matter how far the two of you are from one another.  
  2. Still Having Coffee Together Mugs. These customizable mugs will help the two of you feel like you’re at a café chatting over coffee. You can add your names and states, and choose connection over separation!  
  3. Friends Edition of The Adventure Challenge. Nothing screams “fun” more than two friends on an adventure! And, just because the two of you are separated by miles doesn’t mean for a second that you still can’t have fun together in spirit. The Friends Edition comes with 50 scratch off adventures and you can even choose to purchase an instant camera to help document all the fun. Adventures can be easy or more strenuous, you get to choose! And when you do them together in different cities, it strengthens your bond and creates even more positive memories.  
  4. Visa Gift Card. Send your best friend a personalized Visa gift card and show them just how much you care. Customize the card with a photo of the two of you together and add text such as “Thinking of You!” or “Wish I Was There!” They can then use it at any of the millions of brick and mortar or online retailers that accept Visa.  
  5. Dual Wine Subscription. There are a number of wine subscriptions that allow you to customize your tastes and the subsequent wines they send to you. Gift your friend a subscription, too, and then choose tasting nights to FaceTime or Zoom together to describe, rate, and enjoy the wines ‘in person.’ 
  6. Book of the Month Club. If both of you like to read, a great gift to stay connected when you’re far apart is to join a monthly book club together. Once you both receive your books, you can encourage each other to read, as well as talk about how the book is unfolding. Rate the books and keep both of your notes in a joint binder, to easily reminisce about this time spent together!  
  7. Digital Photo Frame. Technology is amazing! Now, instead of creating a billion framed pictures to place all around the house, you can easily ‘squeeze’ them all inside one photo frame. You get to choose which photos will be displayed (through an app) and by sharing this as a gift, the two of you can watch those pictures unfold together – even though you’re apart.  
  8. Best Friend Lanterns. Lanterns are all the rage, and really, what’s not to love? These modern BFF Lanterns create a subtle and charming ambience, and when either of you taps your own, your friend’s lantern will light up, too, regardless of whether they’re on the other side of the city – or the world.  
  9. Personalized Scrapbook. While digital is great, there’s something about holding a book in your hands, and flipping through a photo album. But, a scrapbook is more than just a photo album, it’s also chock full of written text, stickers, crafty borders, collages, and memorabilia you have picked up along the way. Surprise your BFF with a chunky, bursting at the seams scrapbook that highlights the best – and the cringiest – moments of your time together.  
  10. “Why You’re My Bestie” fill in the blank Book. This cute little book offers page after page of ways to make your BFF feel loved. You simply fill in the blank and, like magic; you’ve got a dear gift for your far-away buddy. You can choose to make it sweet, sarcastic, funny or silly, it’s completely up to you and what you wish to convey!

Faraway friends need special care, as they aren’t readily available for hugs or last-minute coffee hangouts. Choose a gift that bridges the miles and will make them feel extra special!

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