There often comes a time within a relationship when something else is needed to add a little extra into bedroom activities. This may become apparent to one partner before it does to the other, and there are several ways to handle this situation. 

Some people may choose to ignore the situation until the other party recognizes the issue, while others will have a frank conversation with their significant other. Problems with both of these approaches can be embarrassment, dissatisfaction, hurt, or unsuccessful communication. 

So, is there anything else you can do to approach this situation in a different way that might be more successful? Yes, there is; we recommend making some fun changes and suggestions that start with a gift. 

Buying Bedroom Gifts

Buying your partner something to use in the bedroom does not have to be a serious situation with a fraught conversation. If you have an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or random Tuesday, you may choose to buy something fun and flirty for your significant other. 

You know your partner better than anyone, and so you will know what they will prefer in the bedroom. Will they enjoy something fun like edible underwear, a joke gift that reminds them of an inside joke you have, or would they prefer something sexy?

Whichever will work best for you both, there are thousands of options available on sites such as The Hot Spot. If you are struggling for inspiration, taking a look at the online catalog for ideas can be very helpful, both in picking out a gift and giving you ideas of things you can try in the bedroom. 

Giving the Gift

When giving your partner a gift, it is important to do this in the right way. Especially if you have not previously discussed how you are feeling, you should ensure that you do not begin that conversation by giving what you have bought. 

Instead, make this a natural and fun item purchased as a way to change things up and try something new. You may choose to leave it wrapped on their pillow or side of the bed or bring it out as you naturally move toward a fun evening in bed. 

Whichever way you introduce the item to your partner, make it about them as well as yourself and how the item you have bought can make your evening more fun.

If you and your partner have not previously introduced toys, clothing, or roleplay into your bedroom routine, you may want to work up to this mutually. If you have been together for a while, changing things up is sometimes not as easy, and your partner may worry they are no longer satisfying your needs. 

You may choose in this scenario to bring up the idea of trying something new in conversation and suggest shopping together. Choosing a new toy together can bring you closer, show you each what the other may have secretly wanted to try, and also create a few extra sparks in the bedroom while you wait for delivery. 

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