The newest bridal trend is short wedding dresses, which are being worn by celebrities and normal people alike.

Brides Are Choosing Short Wedding Dresses
Short Wedding Dresses Are 2022’s Best Bridal Trend. (Photo: Instagram/isleystudios).

The idea of walking down the aisle has always made me a little nervous, as I’ve occasionally wondered what would happen it I tripped over my dress and actually just rolled down the aisle. Fortunately, a new trend is making the actual walking aspect a little more feasible! An increasing number of brides are choosing short wedding gowns over long ones, making it possible for them to actually dance at their own receptions rather than awkwardly doing the “Cha-Cha Slide” while hoisting 18 layers of tulle barely past their shins.

According to the NY Daily News, many brides are now going the shorter route for their weddings, picking higher hemlines that show off their legs rather than lengthier ones that show–well, not much at all. They usually wind up covering your legs, shoes and a fair amount of the carpet, let’s be honest. And while that is appealing to many people (myself included at times), it is seen as an inconvenience to others.

The short wedding dress trend has been hit up by both celebrities and normal folks alike, with famous brides like Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, and Olivia Palermo choosing unconventional cuts and lengths. Designers have gotten in on the game, recognizing that 2014′s brides may not be as interested in traditional gowns as those in the past. The Daily News quoted bridal designer Melissa Sweet voicing her love of the trend and its nostalgic link:

“I absolutely adore a short cocktail-length wedding gown. Taking up the hem infuses a touch of whimsy and sweetness that recalls an era gone by.”

It’s true: there really is something beautifully old-fashioned about a short wedding dress, despite how we typically picture older wedding dresses as being big, long, and holding elegance in enormity or how elaborate they are.

short white wedding dresses

Zac Posen, too, is quoted on his fondness for shorter wedding dresses.

“I love how the lines on a knee-length wedding dress embrace the body and make the woman look sophisticated yet sexy,” says Posen. “It’s as flattering as a cocktail dress, but maintains the refinement that is often called for in a wedding gown.”

2014 appears to be the year of comfortable bridal wear, with both this and the crop top wedding dress trends gaining popularity among brides. Could this be the year that we’re all collectively down with brides being as comfortable as possible? Does this mean I can finally wear white satin pajamas at my imaginary wedding? Questions, questions.

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