The internet is actually full of dresses that don’t scream “SPRING!” that you can still move around in. Here are 11 great options for winter weddings!

what to wear to a casual winter wedding
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Most people make it pretty easy on you. They have their wedding on a Saturday between the months of May and July, and you can get away with wearing the same little springy dress to every single one of them if there aren’t too many Facebook photos to expose your plan. So what do you do when someone throws you for a loop and sets their date for the middle of January? Chances are, you’re mildly freaking out.

Thankfully, the internet is actually full of adorable dresses that don’t scream “SPRING!” that you can still move around in. Here are 11 great options for winter weddings!

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1. Endear Everyone Dress from Modcloth

This reminds me of old wallpaper… in a good way. I like how it’s shiny and interesting, but it’s not throwing itself in your face. (My only suggestion with this dress is that you find out what the bridesmaids are wearing, so you don’t show up in a replica of their outfits.)

2. Baroque Chenille Dress from Forever 21

This one also falls into that weird genre of “sexy wallpaper,” but it has the added bonus of being a relatively unique color that will help you look appropriate and stand out. Throw some black tights under this to keep yourself cozy.

3. Draped Dress from H&M

Draped Dress

I’m a big fan of any black dress that lets you layer accessories and jewelry on top of it to your heart’s content. If you’re thoughtful about your shoes and accents, you could totally make this work for any season.

4. Dress With Belt from Zara

I’ve walked past this dress at Zara countless times, and I can’t help but salivate. It’s unique, it’s thick enough to keep you warm, and it’s on trend. I currently don’t have 80 bucks to blow on a dress that I don’t even have a reason to wear, but I had to add it to this list to give you guys the chance to live out my dream.

5. Bead It Dress from Modcloth

Yes. You’re correct. I am Daisy Buchanan. Thank you for noticing! You’re free to fetch me drinks all night if you feel so inclined.

6. Long-Sleeved Skater Dress from Forever 21

Here’s another example of a dress that you can change up with accessories! The flowy skirt also makes it interesting enough on its own, though, if you’re not the type to rock a lot of jewelry.

7. Lace Circle Dress from H&M

Lace Circle Dress

I love my body, but my shape would look really awkward in a dress like this. Basically, I need one of you guys to wear it. Wear it and think of me. It’s way too cute.

8. Printed Dress With Tied Belt from Zara

Who says you can’t wear a floral pattern to a wedding? I really like the way this is shaped, and I like that it gives off an air of mystery– all the single groomsmen and cousins will be intrigued by the chick in the flowy dress.

9. Open Mic Songstress Dress from Modcloth

If you’ve ever fantasized about being Megan Draper from Mad Men (and let’s be real; who hasn’t?), this is a perfect opportunity to look like a glamorous-but-tortured woman of the late 60s.

10. Crochet Lace Fit & Flare Dress from Forever 21

The sleeves will keep you warm through boring ceremonies, and the skirt will let you move it like nobody’s business on the dance floor. Perfect winter dress.

11. Looking Red Haut Dress from Modcloth

Simple and pretty and totally re-wearable. This is one of those shapes that you can get away with wearing to weddings for years to come, and the violet color is very in right now. You can easily throw a blazer or cardigan over top of this if you’re too chilly!

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