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It’s a day ending in -Y smack dab in the middle of National Wedding Month, so naturally, there’s a new bridal collection to talk about. It’s been mere weeks since we were blessed with not one but two affordable bridal lines from Needle & Thread and Self-Portrait, respectively, and now, Reformation is rolling out its new collection. It should come as a shock to no one that it’s beautiful, romantic perfection.

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The line, which will launch in stores and online on February 22, sets itself apart, though, mostly because it appears that there are more options for bridesmaids than for the bride herself. Anyone who’s ever had to struggle to find a bridesmaids dress will tell you that finding a flattering dress that they actually want to wear rather than burn is quite the difficult task, so Reformation’s line is a breath of fresh air. It’s full-on bohemian chic, with plenty of wrap gowns, flowing skirts, and fluttering sleeves, without even the slightest hint of chiffon or taffeta.

reformation yellow

That’s not to say that there won’t be any pieces for the bride. While the first look at the collection definitely features more colorful options fit for bridesmaids, there is one white lace dress with a plunging back and long train that is simply to die for:

reformation lace

Would it be appropriate to buy this for myself despite the fact that the most significant relationship in my life is the one I have with the man at the checkout counter at Duane Reade who doesn’t judge me for the number of times I go in to buy boxes of Goldfish?

This isn’t Reformation’s first foray into wedding wear—they already have aplenty of floaty bridesmaids dresses in neutral tones and colorful prints, as well as one two-piece wedding dress that I find myself thinking about more often than is probably appropriate. As for this new spring collection, you can likely expect the price range to be similar to that of the brand’s preexisting collections, so think somewhere between $200 and $600. In the grand scheme of things, while the higher end of that spectrum may be a bit pricey for your typical bridesmaids, it’s almost nothing for the bride herself. And really, it’s her day anyway.

Reformation’s spring wedding collection is set to launch on February 22! Head over to their Instagram for more sneak peeks in the coming weeks. 

(Photos: Courtesy of Reformation)

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