Preserved roses look and feel just like real roses! In fact, they’re so real that you’ll have to stop yourself from watering them. They are preserved using an advanced preservation technique, but unlike freeze-dried roses, they are color enhanced to bring out their natural color. Preserved roses are wonderful to work with because they are very resilient. These dried roses are perfect for wreath decorations, wedding bouquets or wedding bouquet jewelry, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpiece arrangements, and much more.

Why Choose Preserved Roses

What You Need to Know About Flower Preservation

These special roses are very popular among designers, florists, and window-dressers. You can see them regularly at weddings where they are used as rose buttonholes, for cake decoration, or as an attractive table decoration. They feel just as silky soft like real rose petals, shine just as beautifully, won’t discolor or wilt, and will last for years. Preserved roses are provided in many colors.

These roses maintain their natural beauty, silky-soft sheen, and beautiful, strong color. In addition, in contrast to real roses, preserved roses do not require any water or other care.

Perhaps more than any other flower, the rose has been immortalized in poetry, songs, and literature as an object of beauty, always associated with romance and love. Throughout history, a bouquet of roses has been offered to an admired one as a symbol of love and or appreciation. The only problem has been that these flowers/roses die after a few days. We believe that your love will last, and so should your flowers! That is why we love preserved flower bouquets, and you will too.

Preserved Roses, a World of Colors!

Preserved Roses - Everything You Need To Know
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Preserved roses are real rose petals. Modern techniques make it possible to enjoy these beautiful products for much longer. Just like the color, the natural and silky-soft qualities remain intact. Perfect to use as table decoration or confetti!

Thanks to their elegant and chic appearance, Hydrangea petals and Delphinium petals are an attractive addition to every wedding and event.

Vie Fleuri’s Preserved roses have a gorgeous natural beauty. These unique preserved roses maintain their natural beauty, silky-soft sheen, and beautiful, durable color.

Vie Fleuri’s eternal roses retain pure nature. This means that no chemicals are used during the preserving process. Therefore the product is always 100% biodegradable. If you would like more information about a specific product, visit the website. Are you looking for inspiration or just want to admire some photographs with lots of confetti and roses? If so, see the best-preserved roses collection at the Vie Fleuri website.

Benefits and Uses of Preserved Roses

  • They are organically decomposable.
  • Large selection, a wide choice of colors.
  • They don’t need maintenance, natural light, or watering.
  • They have a beautiful appearance that lasts for a long time.
  • Longlasting roses are ready for use.
  • No care necessary, such as cutting and watering.
  • Eternal roses do not leave nasty stains.
  • They are eco-friendly, economical and are great value for your money.
  • Endless possibilities for decoration.
  • Preserved roses are ideal for floral art, home decor, and other art projects that include flowers.

Thanks to the environmentally-friendly method of preserved roses, they maintain their color, shape, and silky softness and are 100% biodegradable. Therefore these long-lasting roses can also be used as confetti at every location.

Longlasting roses and bouquets allow you to capture the beauty of your fresh flowers. Vie Fleuri creates meaningful keepsakes with flowers from weddings, anniversaries, births, or any other memorable occasion. They also offer a unique line of oval-shaped boxes and tabletop displays your flowers can be arranged in along with invitations, photos, or other mementos.

What Are Preserved Roses?

The Process of Preserving Roses

The preservation of preserved roses is an excellent method that enables people to enjoy them much longer. They feel precisely as silky soft like real roses, won’t discolor, shine just as beautifully, wilt, and will last for a year or more. They are ideally suitable as confetti at weddings or as a table decoration.

When you choose Vie Fleuri’s preserved roses, you are choosing quality. They are provided in many different colors. Vie Fleuri offers a wide variety of one, two, eight, twenty-four liter, and round-shaped boxes. Larger orders will receive an attractive volume discount. Would you like to know roughly how much you need? A one-liter box is sufficient to decorate approximately 1-2 of an average-sized dining table(s).

Caring for your Preserved Roses

Your loved preserved roses will stay as exquisite as the day you got them without the need for sunlight or water. By following these simple care tips below, they’ll retain their natural beauty for many months or even years!

  • Don’t water them: Don’t water your roses. In fact, avoid moisture at all costs! Any sort of humidity can cause your preserved roses to fade and disintegrate.
  • Avoid sunlight: It is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures. Both can cause the flowers to dry, making them brittle and fragile.
  • Dust them: Occasionally dust your roses with either a soft makeup brush or a blow dryer on a cool, gentle setting. It’s better to keep them in a dust-free area if possible.
  • Don’t touch: For your sake and the Roses’, it’s best to resist the temptation to fondle them. There are dyes being used to preserve colors, and they can transfer to your clothes and skin!
  • Keep them indoors: Keep your roses indoors. They’re an indoor product and don’t do well when exposed to the elements.
Preserved Roses Box

Frequently Asked Questions – Preserved Flowers

How long do dried flowers last?

These roses last for many months or even years with the right care. Details of which are always included in your delivery.

How are preserved flowers packed and shipped?

They are packed in specially designed packaging to protect the flowers from being damaged. Long-lasting roses are usually shipped with DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution. Upgrades on postage are also available on the checkout page.

How do I take care of my preserved roses?

Taking care of your preserved roses is simple! We have created a handy guide for you to follow in order to get the most out of your roses which can be viewed here:

Can I take the roses out of their original packaging?

Yes and no! The rose crowns for the hat boxes are glued in place. However, the stemmed roses can be displayed in a vase or arrangement of your choosing.

Are preserved roses safe?

They are non-toxic for handling, smelling, or keeping them inside rooms. They are not suitable for human consumption. If ingested, please contact a medical center as soon as possible. Be cautious about leaving children alone when handling them without any adult supervision.

Preserved Roses Ideas

Preserved Roses Ideas


When people think of preserved roses for weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is usually rose petal confetti. It’s worth also thinking of the beautiful table decorations and garden wedding aisles that have been created with a simple sprinkling of rose petals. With this in mind, we’ve put together some great value packages, especially for eternal roses for weddings.


Preserved roses in vases are great for decorating your guest tables, scattering on the gift table, and adding sparkle to your cupcakes. Let’s not forget the impact of releasing a couple of confetti cannons. One surefire way of lighting up the birthday festivities is with an explosion of rose petal cannons just as you cut the cake and right before the dancing starts!

Browse a wide range of preserved roses collections, which include rose petals for your table decorations, ideal gifts for wedding couples, and confetti.

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