Flowers play a prominent role in weddings. They give away a romantic and dreamy vibe to the venue, and their vibrance adds to the festive atmosphere. Aside from being an essential decorative element at the ceremonial venue and wedding receptions, flowers are also part of the bridal attire, particularly in the form of bouquets.

Back in the age of antiquity, brides usually wore garlands made of grains, herbs, and spices to invite fertility and good spirits for new beginnings. Meanwhile, women from the Victorian Era held floral arrangements like what’s used in modern times to convey emotions and hidden messages. Presently, bouquets have become a must-have in matrimonial ceremonies and bridal attire. 

Bouquets have also transformed as the years passed. Aside from flowers, they can also be embellished with fabrics, ribbons, fragrances, and gems. One popular trend nowadays is the use of photo memorial charms. This adornment adds a sentimental touch to the bridal bouquet, and it can be a great gift to surprise a loved one before they tie the knot. 

What are photo memorial charms?

A photo memorial charm is a keepsake that looks like a pendant or a locket. It’s usually made from precious metals such as gold and silver, and many opt to bedazzle their trinkets with gems and crystals. Then, you can add a photo that holds sentimental value to represent what the bespoke charm means to you.

What are photo memorial charms?

In weddings, it can be the little things that truly matter. And who knows? This tiny, bejeweled trinket filled with love and cherished memories might just be what you need to make the bride feel extra special on her big day!

Read on and learn how to make the perfect bouquet photo memorial charm as a gesture of love and remembrance.

  • Consider the thought behind the photo memorial charm

The key to creating this priceless token of love is defining the thought behind it. Think about why this charm deserves a prime spot in the bouquet.

For some, the customized trinket serves as a reminder of loved ones who aren’t able to attend the event. The locket or charm can contain small photographs of friends, family, or even pets who have passed on to symbolically honor them and feel their presence on such an occasion. 

On the other hand, photo memorial charms also make excellent gifts for renewal of vows. The photo of choice can be one that captures the heartwarming moments of the couple or photographs from their first wedding, taken professionally by wedding photographers like SvenStudios. This makes it such a fantastic way to look back to where everything began and celebrate the couple’s relationship milestone.

There are other reasons why photo memorial charms make a heartwarming gift to someone starting a new chapter in their life. So, define this purpose and ensure the company you’ll commission to create the bespoke item understands it.

  • Include a personal message

Photo memorial charms can also feature heartfelt messages directly at the back or through a small attachment. Usually, gifters can opt to engrave the message or add a signature at the end of it. 

So, what would your prized token tell the bride? It could be your best wishes or a personalized message ready for this purpose. But it’s also acceptable to use a famous saying or quote. Feel free to share what you have in mind, but make sure it will fit the space for the message!

  • Consider the charm’s design

You must know what the bouquet looks like so you can choose the design of the memorial charm that would best complement it. You can go for a locket-type trinket, or you can also choose a pendant style. Depending on the bride’s style and preference, you can also add accessories such as ribbons or precious gems to the charm or attach it to a necklace or bracelet so it can be used on other occasions.  

Another critical factor is the size. You’d want something big enough to be visible when it’s attached to the bouquet but not too big that it becomes a distraction. Meanwhile, the placement should also be strategic so that it’s noticeable while the bride is holding the bouquet.

Wrapping up

Photo memorial charms make a great gift to encapsulate your best wishes to the bride! So, select the best photos of treasured memories and the perfect charm design to complement the bouquet and prepare a thoughtful message to add to your precious trinket. Through this small token, you can send the bride your best wishes, love, and blessings for her special day!

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