New Year's Eve Proposal Ideas

Choosing when to get engaged is an important moment and your partner may well be one of those for whom the proposal must be perfect. If they are, then you could be wise at choosing to propose at New Year’s. This allows you a lot of latitude in picking the perfect spot, the perfect time is built-in and a lot of the conditions for a proposal are automatically fulfilled without you needing to resort to any deception!

All Dressed Up

Everyone wants the memory of their proposal to be perfect, and this includes looking their best. Going out to a New Year’s event can be arranged very easily, and you can always mention that you will be going to somewhere quite formal and to dress up for the occasion.

Get the Ring!

Find out their ring size – perhaps by buying them a cheaper ‘just for’ ring, or getting a friend or relative to do the asking for you – and pick out the perfect ring for them. You can design a custom ring in their preferred metals, their favorite diamond cut, and with a nod to your shared interests embedded in the band or setting. Look at diamonds here, or browse from ready-made rings to find the ring that encapsulates your engagement, and make sure it is going to be ready before you pop the question.

Great New Year's Eve Proposal Ideas

Pick Your Moment

Shouting a proposal in a crowded roomful of strangers is not the way anyone wishes to be asked, so do plan it out carefully. While it may seem that the stroke of midnight is the ideal time to ask, if you are around a lot of people, you will almost inevitably be interrupted by those trying to kiss as many people as they can, fireworks going off overhead, and plenty of drunken dancing.

If you are at a small party, at your parents’ home or hers, warn them that you are going to propose in advance, so they know not to come rushing in to tell you to join everyone else!

Of course, if you are alone together somewhere peaceful, popping the question on the last note of twelve is perfectly possible!

Be Resolute!

One way to broach the subject is by discussing your New Year’s resolutions. You could say something like: ‘I resolve to be brave this year, and I’m going to start by (slide down onto one knee) and asking you to marry me,’ and taking it on from there!

Choosing a time when fireworks are exploding in the background is good too – they are a lovely dramatic backdrop that will enhance your dressed-up appearances and give you both wonderful memories of the moment you committed to each other.

New Year's Engagement Announcement

Other variations on the New Year theme include special vacations – Paris by moonlight, the Eiffel Tower glowing behind you; Disneyland if you are both young at heart (and mention your plans to the staff, they will sometimes surprise the newly engaged with a celebratory drink or dessert, or even participate in the enacting of the proposal); or a special destination that you have both long wanted to visit. Whichever option you choose, you will be starting the New Year in an intimate and loving way!

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