Flowers are gorgeous and have a lot of symbols and meanings attached to them. With the proper collection of bouquet flower combinations, you can easily make your intentions known to friends and loved ones.

However, gifting the perfect flower requires significant floral knowledge; you don’t want to end up passing the wrong message. That’s why in this article, we’re going to discuss the ten most beautiful flowers you should always consider for gifting.

The following are ten of the most beautiful flowers you should consider for gifting:

1.    Sunflower

beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman

Sunflowers are very brightly colored and can be used to illuminate homes and gardens.  Presenting sunflowers to people as gifts often symbolizes love and happiness between friends and lovers alike. To some people, sunflowers also symbolize loyalty.

Aside from the bright-colored nature of the sunflower, the flower also has a fragrant smell, and the blooming seeds provide various nutritional values. Sunflowers aren’t rare; they’re easily grown and can be found in almost any floral shop.

Gifting the sunflower would serve as a symbol of happiness, warmth, and loyalty. If the day ever comes when you decide to give flowers to a friend or a lover, the Sunflower should be an option to consider.

2.    Carnations

Carnations are one of the most popular flowers worldwide. It is also one of the oldest cultivated flowers, and its popularity and usage are second only to the rose. There are numerous myths and beliefs surrounding this ancient flower, but one thing you can’t take away from Carnations is its symbolism to love.

Men often use carnations to complement their wedding attires as the flower comes in various colors; red, white, orange, yellow, pink, and purple. Carnations have a strong symbolic connection to love and divine grace. The flower is used in many symbolic events e.g., St. Patrick’s day and Mother’s day.

Carnations are excellent gifts. You can either present a single color shade of the flower or make a bouquet of the entire color spectrum.

3.    Rose

Rose: Romantic flowers and their meanings

Roses require no introduction, and the flower has become so popular that just seeing it on a person gives undeniable pointers of the giver’s intention. The rose is the most popular worldwide, and like carnations, they come in several color hues, but red is the symbol of love.

The red rose is often gifted between lovers to express their feelings and intentions towards each other. The rose also has a soothing aroma which is arguably unmatched by most flowers on our list. In most floral shops, you’ll find roses in several bouquets and combos that you can tweak to your preference.

The red rose is undoubtedly a symbol of love; if you’re gifting it to someone, make sure you’re certain of your intentions.

4.    Red Camellias

Camellias are one of the oldest and rarest flowers available today. This flower blooms at an unusual time- when most flowers are likely dead. The petals of the Camellias are delicate and very beautiful, but aside from their beauty, they are also rich in symbolism.

Traditionally, red camellias symbolize love, passion, and deep desire. Gifting red camellias helps express your romantic feelings towards someone. It lets them know that you’re genuinely attracted to them.

If you’d like to deviate from the traditional red rose, you can gift the red camellias; instead, they pass the same message.

5.    Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are brightly colored plants that have a lot of symbols and a lot of color variations. They’re big, elegant, bright, and rich in meaning and symbolism.

Gerbera Daises can be found in several hues; yellow, pink, white, and red. In general, this flower represents a simple beauty and a joyful life. However, the hue variations are a bit specific. The red symbolizes love, white – represents purity, yellow – represents celebration, and pink – represents admiration.

6.    Orchids

Orchids: most popular flowers to give

Orchids are pretty elegant and colorful flowers. It is an exotic flower named after the Greek botanist; Theophrastos. There are several types of orchids and over 20,000 species globally.

Orchids are usually gifted as a symbol of fertility, virility, and sexuality. They’re not your usual love charmers, and this flower is given on specific occasions. Orchids can be found in red, white, pink, yellow, and orange variations.

It’s a myth, but according to the Greeks, eating Orchids often let parents decide the sex of the child they want; that should give you some ideas.

7.    Red Chrysanthemums

The color red is inevitably synonymous with love and affection; the Red Chrysanthemums are no different. This flower can be gifted as a symbol of love and passion.

This flower can be gifted as Valentine’s day present or an anniversary gift. If you’d like to take a break from giving roses every time, the Red Chrysanthemums might be just what you need.

8.    Daffodils

The daffodil is a brightly colored flower associated with rebirths and new beginnings. It isn’t your usual love charmer, and the Daffodil is gifted to help mark the end of an era and rebirth a new one.

Daffodils grow in shades of white and orange, and they’re often used to brighten gardens due to their cherry-yellow hues. Daffodils can be an apology to people you’ve wronged or indicate that you’ve turned over a new leaf.

9.    Lily

The Lily is a very iconic flower used by religious people to represent the Virgin Mary and to depict the Resurrection of Christ. The flower symbolizes purity, innocence, and rebirth.

Lilies can also be used in funerals and in times of mourning. According to some, lilies symbolize death and can be used to show sympathy. The Lily has a lot of use cases and symbolism. They will serve as thoughtful gifts to friends and loved ones.

10.    Forget Me Not

As the name implies, Forget Me Not is a testament and an assurance of your relationship and commitment towards someone. It helps strengthen the bond between partners and acts as a promise that you will never forget them, and they will always remain in your thoughts.

It’s also a symbol of fidelity and truthfulness. Gifting the Forget Me Not to someone aims to build a long-lasting connection between two people, assuring each other that no matter the test of time, their relationship will stand firm.


There you have it, ten lovely flowers you can gift your friends and loved ones. Most of these flowers are rich in meaning and symbolism; if you’re giving them out, ensure you’re entirely sure of your motives and intentions.

Gifting these ten flowers can help begin or solidify relationships between friends and loved ones. Visit any floral shop today so you can select the perfect one.

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