Buying a gift for someone who doesn’t drink coffee can be tricky. While almost everyone you know loves waking up in the morning with a fresh cup of caffeinated goodness, your friend or loved one may prefer to wake up to a cold glass of water.

While coffee is a popular gift for coffee lovers, and it may be your go-to gift for all of your friends and family, you’re going to have to think long and hard about the gift you’ll get for someone who doesn’t drink coffee. Here’s our list of meaningful gifts for those who don’t drink coffee (or caffeinated beverages).

1.   Custom Photo Gifts

Custom photo gifts turn any old gift into a personal, meaningful gift. You can put anything on a custom photo gift and choose from a wide variety of options to put your photo on. For example, you can choose to make a canvas of your photo for your loved one to hang on a wall, or you can choose to put a photo on a blanket, pillow, mug, and even a puzzle.

2.   Chocolate

unique gifts for chocolate lovers

If your friend doesn’t drink coffee, then hopefully they like eating chocolate. While chocolate does have a tiny amount of caffeine in it, it’s not enough to affect them. Chocolate may not be the most healthy snack, but it does offer benefits, including an improved mood. If you get dark chocolate, you’ll get a few more health benefits like antioxidants. You can also give them a random selection of 10 flavors of chocolate bonbons from Parfait Paris, each with its own unique flavor.

Whichever type of chocolate you choose, just make sure that your friend is someone who loves sweets. If you’ve heard them mention their favorite chocolate or dessert shop, start there and try to find something you know they’ll enjoy.

3.   Fruit Basket

If your friend is trying to become more healthy, you can send them a fruit basket complete with healthy snacking options. You can even send them fruit covered in chocolate so that they can cheat on their diet without feeling too guilty.

4.   Tea

Many people who don’t drink coffee still enjoy drinking tea without caffeine. There are several teas available without caffeine, with one of the most popular types being chamomile tea. You can find more options anywhere that sells tea online. Just make sure that you purchase an herbal tea that your friend will enjoy.

You can also find a tea that addresses a specific concern. For example, if you’re buying a gift for someone who is under the weather, you can find a tea that was crafted with herbs that can help clear their sinuses and boost their immunity.

5.   Wine

Wine is always a thoughtful gift, especially if the person you’re buying it for loves wine and has a favorite brand and type. Before you purchase wine for anyone, make sure that they’re someone who enjoys wine. While many people enjoy the taste of wine, others don’t like wine or alcoholic beverages.

If the person you’re purchasing the gift for is a lover of wine, then consider getting them a wine subscription box so that they can try something new every month.

6.   Candles

Smell is one of our most powerful senses, which is why lighting a candle can bring back memories of your childhood or your favorite person. If the person you’re purchasing a gift for loves a certain smell, try to find a candle that can make their house or rental feel more comfortable and homey.

For example, if your friend loves the smell of pumpkin, cinnamon, or apples year-round, try to find a fall-scented candle that can remind them of their favorite season and the time you visited the cider mill or went apple picking together.

While coffee may be your go-to gift, it’s not for everyone. However, you still have plenty of options. Choose from the gifts above to surprise a friend or loved one with something meaningful.

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