Coming up with ideas for gifts to give to the people who matter to you can be a tricky thing. Even if you know the person really well and are great at brainstorming ideas, many people tend to run out of ideas after a few years of giving presents.

So, if you still want to show someone you care by giving them a gift, where does that leave you? You can go with a scented candle, bath products or even the typical gift card route, but if you’re looking for a truly meaningful gift idea, you should consider jewelry.

The great thing about gifting jewelry is that there are options for every scenario. There are selections at every budget level, and you can really personalize it – from the type of jewelry to the style to many other ways to make it personal and meaningful, which we’ll explore below. And if you want to add an extra touch of warmth and care to your gift, consider accompanying it with holiday greeting cards, which can express your sentiments in words and make your present even more special.

Consider these gifts if you’re looking for gift ideas for an important person in your life but struggling to come up with the perfect options.

Permanent Bracelets

Experiential gifts are increasingly common as a way to do something fun and meaningful together. If you’re looking for something that is a physical gift and an experience, consider getting a permanent bracelet welded in Toronto. These bracelets are a new trend that is quickly increasing in popularity for the way they look and the experience of getting them. The bracelet, rather than having a traditional clasp, is welded on by a professional at a jewelry store, so it can’t be slipped on and off.

Many choose to get a permanent bracelet with a partner, family member or friend – or even a whole group of friends. The bracelet is a permanent feature on your wrist and is the perfect reminder of the person or people who you got it with and how much they mean to you.

Custom Jewelry

Another great gift idea is to create a piece of jewelry specifically for the person you’re looking to buy for. This is an excellent option if they have a favorite jewelry designer or they have a style that is uniquely them that is hard to find at shops. It’s also great if you just want to infuse elements of your friendship or relationship into the jewelry and can’t find what you’re looking for on the shelves.


Engraving is a great way to personalize a gift that also comes with endless options. You can find a piece of jewelry that the recipient will love or design a custom piece specifically for them and top it off with an engraving that says something about how much they mean to you or your relationship.

As for what to get engraved, options are limited only to your imagination (and available space on the jewelry). Popular options include a special date, nicknames, or an inside joke that has a particular meaning.

Even when it seems people have everything they need and you’re stuck with generic gifts, there are plenty of ways to personalize gifts and imbue them with meaning to show someone you care.

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