Making The Best Of Your Online Dating Experience
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Not everyone, who is into online dating sites, will be successful in finding their match. For some, it’s better luck next time situation, but, for others, it’s the best experience in their lives. It all depends on how you bring yourself to an Asia dating site. When others failed, and others succeed, then there must be some pattern to follow to make it.

How Others Successfully Find Their Match?

  • Determine what you want in a partner? First things first, you should be able to determine what is it that you want from your partner?
  • The character, the attitude, physical features, etc. This is important because these same features are once, you will look for.
  • Identify a potential match- This is the stage to try to identify a potential match, using the features that you required of a guy.
  • Follow your instinct- Sometimes, following your instinct is good. When you have the gut feeling that he or she is the one, follow your instinct.
  • Narrow your search and make a shortlist- When you find these same features in the guy, you can start narrowing your search and make a shortlist. This is good, as you will be focusing only on a few choices. It is so tiring to keep searching without knowing what exactly that you want.
  • Engage him in a conversation- Once you have an initial choice, you can start to engage him in a conversation. This conversation will allow you to evaluate the person, the way he or she answers you. It is a good way to determine the attitude of a person. As the saying goes, “what comes out from a person’s mouth comes from the heart”.
  • Send short messages- start sending short messages- 
  • This will allow you to measure his character. Is he romantic, thoughtful?
  • Invite him for a coffee date- Try to invite him to a coffee date. How do you go along with him? Did you feel comfortable? How did you feel when he is around?
  • Start to know him better- From there, continue to know him better. Spend more time on the chat or phone with him. Go for a dinner date with him, and you can go for a more extreme date.
  • Close the deal- If you think he is the man, go for it.

Don’t let him wait for so long.

In the same way, if you have doubts, after such a long time, better decisions and be frank with him. You can find a graceful exit from him.

Many people these days often end up wondering how they can ever get back in the dating game. If you are looking for love, you will indeed find it, with the guidance of dating tips for dummies.

How Online Dating Apps Defer From Dating Sites

There is another venue for meeting new friends and potential partners online. Aside from dating sites, there are what they call online dating apps.

Some people are talking about these apps, as more superior than dating sites. In the same way that there is a Filipino dating site, there must also be a Filipino online dating app.

We will try to discuss here some of the differences between these two platforms.

How Online Dating Apps Defer From Dating Sites

The Advantages Of Online Dating Apps Over A Dating Site

  • Fast and Efficient- Online dating apps are fast and efficient compared to the online dating site. You can work on it, even you are mobile, and this makes it efficient.
  • There is no boundary; when working with apps, you can do it anywhere and anytime.
  • Features include mutual friends- Online dating apps have features that allow you to have mutual friends. This is a good feature because there is a possibility that your friend can recommend someone she knows. It’s a good way of knowing someone, as there will be an assurance that the guy is okay, considering that your friend knew the guy.
  • You can choose from whom to receive messages- Another feature is the fact that you can decide who can send you messages or not. So, with this feature, you can’t expect to receive unwanted emails or spam mails.
  • Online dating apps profile can be shorter- In online dating apps, your profile can be shorter, compared with a dating site profile. 
  • But, there is a feature that will allow you to make your profile appealing than the dating site profile.
  • Good for busy individuals- Online dating apps are best for busy individuals. It is because they can just open the apps anytime they want to.
  • Best for home-based people- Another good reason to use apps is that you can go online even if you are at home.

Yes, online dating apps are far better than online dating sites.

Because of the flexibility and mobility of the app and the many features that make it easy to use. They can be very convenient to use in homes and even if you are not computer literate.

However, some people still prefer to use online dating sites because the dashboard, when you use the PC, is bigger, and you can see clearly, the pictures in it.

The fact that both platforms offer the same benefits, you can still use them at your convenience.

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