There’s nothing wrong with living in a small apartment. If you don’t have much space, you already know how difficult it is to host large gatherings. Even though you might not be able to invite the entire neighborhood, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid hosting altogether. Follow along to learn if you can entertain in a small apartment and how to do it efficiently.

Move Your Furniture

Hosting a get-together can be fun, but you might have too much furniture in your lounge space. For instance, you can move your sofa or tables out of the center of the room and remove small items from the party space to make more room to move around freely. You should supply various seating options for guests, but you don’t have to keep everything in its place during the event—open spaces are incredibly helpful in small apartments.

Keep Décor Simple

While party decorations look nice, you don’t want too many in your living space. Consider keeping it simple to avoid cluttering your apartment. There’s nothing wrong with decorations for the occasion, but you don’t need to embellish your entire apartment with streamers and balloons. Otherwise, you might make it look and feel even smaller.

Designate a Spot for Coats, Bags, and Shoes

Whether your apartment has a sizeable entrance with a coat rack or closet or you have to use your bedroom, designating a spot for guests’ coats, bags, and shoes is crucial. Otherwise, they’ll drop their things wherever they see fit, which can take up space in your apartment. Ask your guests to put their belongings in the designated spot to ensure your place stays organized.

Use What You Have

You might not be able to host a gala or a cocktail party, but you should use what you have. For instance, if you have an open living room or large kitchen with an island, make that the gathering space. Knowing how to entertain at your kitchen island can benefit you if you have an open kitchen. Your place might be small, but you can use its highlights to throw the best party ever!

After learning that you can entertain in a small apartment, you can plan your next gathering. A small living space shouldn’t hold you back—use what you have to make a huge splash when hosting parties, holidays, and other celebrations.

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