Eco-Friendly Wedding

An eco-friendly wedding or a ‘green wedding’ can be defined as a wedding where the couple who are getting married endeavors to reduce the impact that a normal wedding celebration might cause on the environment.

The wedding celebration and the people celebrating are actually conscious about the consumption of the resources and materials that are generally used in a normal wedding. A green wedding can be done by recycling the waste that is produced during the event, choosing an environment-friendly venue, and even forgoing various traditional wedding practices.

One of the critical factors that have led to a rise in green weddings is the impact that a traditional wedding celebration might have on the environment.

So, how would you develop a proper green wedding? Here are some ideas that might be helpful.

  • Location is the key ingredient: The location of the wedding helps to set the theme and the stage for any celebration, and the choice of your location should be your first decision. But the traditional places for a wedding, like ballrooms or fancy resorts, tend to consume a huge amount of water, electricity, and other non-eco-friendly equipment. So, a good choice would be to get married outdoors as there are a lot of beautiful botanical gardens, hilltops, and farms which are meant for this occasion only.
  • Sending invitations: Since millions of trees are cut down every year to produce high-quality paper and these papers, in turn, contribute to polluting the environment. So, buy paper from ecological companies like Botanical Paper Works. These papers come embedded with seeds that can be planted by guests in their backyards, and paper will turn into flowers or plants, or herbs.
  • Eco-friendly wedding rings: Instead of going for the traditional diamond and gold wedding rings, why not opt to purchase eco-friendly wedding rings? These types of wedding rings are available online or at specific jewelers who sell them. They are made from conflict-free diamonds, recycled metals, and exotic gemstones that do little to no harm to the environment.
  • Local flower vendors: If you think that your local flower vendor might supply you with flowers that are eco-friendly, then my friend, you are mistaken. Every flower tends to be drenched in chemicals that are used to keep insects at bay, but these chemicals damage the soil. So, it would be a good idea to choose flowers that are in season for the wedding flower arrangement. But if you want a breed of flower that is out of season, then go for the flowers that are VeriFlora-certified. With such a suitable and innovative wedding flower arrangement, you can make the environment eco-friendly.
  • Keep your menu organic: Food is the main attraction of any celebration, but you do not want to choose a vegan menu for your wedding. In that case, choose a caterer who uses locally grown food and uses in-season food items. The baker who you choose can also use locally harvested milk and eggs to make the cake.
  • Wedding favors: Wedding favors are considered to be an extra, and many guests throw them out – that is a fact. So, forget about giving wedding favors and make a donation to a charity instead. Also, edible wedding favors can also be used, like organic and pesticide-free chocolate bars.

These are just some ideas that you can implement for your green wedding day. You can also use some other ideas that you come up with. But the important thing is that you should enjoy your wedding day without forgetting to take care of the environment.

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