How to Stand Out at a Wedding Fair

The wedding industry took a hit during the pandemic, with lockdowns putting a stop to many couples’ plans for getting hitched, however, the latest data suggests that the industry is recovering and in many areas of the UK, competition for suppliers is high. Trade shows are the ideal place to find new clients but with so much choice for couples, you’ll need to be strategic about how you market yourself if you want to capture their attention.

First Impressions Count

The couples attending the wedding fair will have so many demands on their attention that they’re unlikely to notice your stand if you don’t make the most of the space. A well-decorated stand, in keeping with your business’ brand, will make a great first impression and will generate more interest from passers-by.  Make your pitch instantly recognisable by using clear signage and encourage people to spend a little longer at your stall by providing a comfortable seating area or refreshments. You only get one chance at a first impression so make it count!

Show Off Your Skills

Let potential clients know what you’re capable of so they don’t need to rely on your word for how great you are. Do demonstrations at your stand so they can see the results for themselves and this will also encourage people passing by to stop and see what is happening. You could also hand out booklets showcasing your work and testimonials from previous clients.

Host a Competition

Contest marketing is proven to be an effective advertising strategy and can help improve awareness of your brand and encourage people to engage with your business, making it more likely they’ll consider your products or services in the future. Running polls, giveaways or quizzes are all great ways to capture the attention of attendees at the wedding fair. Or you might want to run a photo competition, encouraging people to post photos of themselves on social media using a particular hashtag with a prize for the winner that could be announced at the end of the day.

Be Approachable

As with any business in any industry, when it comes to wedding vendors and suppliers, great customer service is key. People are potentially hiring you for what they hope will be the best day of their life so you need to recognise that as the privilege that it is. During the wedding fair, you want to make sure that you look approachable and happy to answer any questions that a couple might have. If you’ll be spending a significant amount of time with the couple – for example, if you’re a wedding photographer or you provide hair and beauty services, then you need to come across as friendly and easy to be around so they feel they would be comfortable with you on the day.

Provide Something to Take Away

Give people something for them to remember you by. This can be something as simple as a business card, booklet or flyer or a little freebie like a mini sample bouquet, fabric swatches or a tasty cake sample. At the end of a busy wedding fair, couples are likely to forget some of the stands they visited but if they have something physical to take away, this increases the likelihood of your business sticking in their memory.

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