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One thing you probably don’t know about women is that they all are from Venus- the planet that represents love and beauty. That explains why they love the finest, most unique, and most beautiful things in life. You can bet on getting the silent treatment from your girlfriend if you forget to celebrate her on her special dates, particularly her birthday. It won’t be easy, but you have to make her birthday extra special if you want to see the best version of your woman. If your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up soon, you need to keep reading and discover 5 unique ways to make the day extra special.

1. Romance her heart

In case you have never thought of yourself as your girlfriend’s most precious person, well, you are! The mere fact that she chose to be with you, from a pool of hundreds of potential suitors, is all the evidence you need to know how much you mean to her. The greatest gift that you can ever give her is yourself- your time, your love, your counsel, your support, etc. In other words, the best gift you can ever give your girlfriend on her birthday is romance.

Breakfast in bed

Romance means different things to different people. But just to help you put everything in the right context, here are a few ideas for romancing your woman’s heart on her birthday:

  • Breakfast in bed. This is the best birthday treat, the most awesome way to start off her special day. Be sure to make her favorite breakfast (or the one with the highest sentimental value to her). Get a beautiful flower in a bud vase to spice up the romantic gesture. If you don’t have a proper breakfast-in-bed tray, be sure to get one as well. The meal is supposed to be romantic, not messy! Lastly, don’t wake her up lest your whole romantic gesture backfires on your face. It is hard to please a cranky person in the morning.
  • Let them snooze and rest. We all know how industrious women are. They want to do everything in the house, including taking care of you. For this one day, tell your girlfriend to sleep in as you get the house organized and run all her daily errands for her.
  • Give her a relaxing head massage when she returns home tired from a busy day at work. Acquire some exotic oils, light some scented candles, and play calming music in the background to set the ambiance. This beauty therapy will hit her soft spot.
  • Give her a foot massage. If she wears high heels, you can bet she will be complaining of sore, aching feet in the evening. Instead of trying to talk her out of wearing heels (you will never succeed with that), give her a relaxing foot massage. This therapeutic session will not only make her feel comfortable but can also be a huge turn-on for her. It most probably will be the beginning of a hot, intimate evening.
  • Make it all about her. Is there a movie she’s obsessed with? Watch it with her. Is she fond of cute snuggle sessions on the couch? Order food from her favorite restaurant and snuggle up with her on the couch. Does she love deep conversations at the fireplace? Get some aphrodisiac snacks and light a fire. Does she love long walks under the moon? You know your woman and the things that mean a lot to her. Indulge her at least this one day.
  • A romantic hot tub filled with roses and any other romantic décor you can find. Astonishing!
  • Full body Massage. Turn yourself into masseurs for your girlfriend. Don’t worry about perfection. Trust me, the thought alone will amaze her.
  • Suggest that you all take things to the next level, say, by adopting a pet together or getting a houseplant that you’ll be taking care of together.
  • Place a special delivery to her workplace. It could be a special delivery of flowers, chocolate, balloons, cupcakes, or pizza. With the right execution, this romantic gesture will give your girl insane bragging rights over her friends and office colleagues.

2. Pamper her with beauty treatments

Pamper her with beauty treatments
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We mentioned head, feet, and full-body massage as some of the ways to romance your woman’s heart. Great stuff! But there is always room for improvement. You can move your treat a few notches by hiring a professional masseuse to massage your woman on her special day, among other professional beauty treatments. Among others, your girlfriend could use a:

  • Spa day. You can schedule one for two for a romantic opportunity to relax and bond with each other. Be sure to add a 30-minute massage, body wrap, and deep tissue massage to the treatment for added rejuvenation.
  • Facial to help her look and feel younger even as she turns a year older.
  • Good pedicure in a high-quality nail spa. Ensure that she gets advanced aromatherapy while at it.
  • Good manicure. Make her hands look beautiful and clean on her birthday. If you can afford advanced manicure procedures such as nail strengthening or nail whitening treatments, the better your girl’s birthday will be.
  • New hair color or a haircut for something different and amazing to usher her into her new year.

In whatever you do, ensure that your girlfriend gets the best beauty treatments from the best service providers available to you. You owe her that much on her birthday.

3. Throw a party for her

Throw a party for her
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You know your girlfriend and the kind of parties she is most comfortable with. Organize one of those. Remember that it is her day, not yours, so the party should be tailor-made to her tastes and preferences.

You don’t know how to plan a party? Well, to get you started, get her favorite people together, pay for waiter service, hang her favorite photos, decorate appropriately, and get her favorite champagne. If you don’t live together, pick her up in a chauffeur-driven limousine. Arriving in luxury and style will certainly help her score some points with her mates.

What’s a birthday without a good cake? Don’t just buy a regular, boring cake. Get your girlfriend a cake that doesn’t only portray your sweetness and love for her but also reflects her style and personality. Order a designer birthday cake that rhymes with the party theme, makes her proud, and delights the guests.

Lastly, whatever happens at the party, ensure that your girlfriend sleeps in a room beautifully decorated for a romantic night. Decorate it with beautiful balloons, confetti, petals, soft toys, a big birthday banner on the wall, etc. Incorporate her favorite colors and good lighting to make the setup even more pleasurable.

4. Spoil her with gifts

Spoil her with gifts
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Your anti-shopping headache is probably coming on after reading the headline. But don’t panic. You don’t have to buy her something fancy on her birthday. It is the thought that counts, after all. She won’t mind the monetary value of the gift you get her if she knows it came from a place of love and adoration.

Some of the pocket-friendly gifts that will most likely impress your girlfriend include:

  • Flowers (if she’s not cynical of flowers). Spice things up by throwing in a cute teddy bear and chocolate.
  • Shoes. A woman can never have enough shoes.
  • A super-soft, plush blanket to make her life a little more awesome and pleasant.
  • A quality handbag, especially one that matches her favorite outfit or shoes. A good handbag signifies power.
  • A big portrait of herself, her mom, yourself, or anyone else she loves deeply.
  • Some yoga essentials to show how much you care about her health and fitness.
  • A new outfit. She will be thrilled by that fabulous dress she has been telling you about.
  • Jewelry. If you can afford a diamond bracelet, drop earrings, or a necklace, you will never go wrong with those!

Furthermore, if you feel she would be your ideal partner, you can also look for the perfect engagement ring to signify your love for her. Diamonds are a classic symbol of love, and if you are looking for something unique, there are countless options that you can look for.

5. Take her out on a vacation

Take her out on a vacation
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When was the last time you and your girlfriend went out and had true fun? Her birthday is the perfect excuse for you to pack your bags and head out. You can, for example, go on a romantic getaway in Western Europe, notably to Barcelona, Paris, Manchester, Madrid, or London. There is a ton of 5-star hotels in this region that your girlfriend will certainly fall in love with. While there, be sure to book a spa or salon appointment for extra pampering. Take your girlfriend to a top nail salon in Manchester or Paris for the most advanced manicure or pedicure she’s ever had.

There are many other fun things that you and your girlfriend can try on a romantic getaway:

  • Go on a birthday date night at one of Europe’s top restaurants. London has some of the top restaurants in Sevenoaks for delectable food and fun singing events. Remember to buy her a gorgeous outfit for the night.
  • Try an extreme sport. Learn something new together. It can be mountain climbing, ice skating, parachuting, bungee jumping, white water rafting, etc.
  • Get a new hobby together, e.g. learn salsa dancing.
  • Take her out for a night of theater or comedy.
  • Go on a birthday picnic. Find a tranquil, peaceful setting where you both can enjoy a quiet, romantic afternoon.
  • Explore new cool restaurants, bars, cultures, and landmarks as you create new amazing memories together.

And finally…

In whatever you do, remember to write your girlfriend a birthday message- from your heart to her heart. Ensure that she feels your love and hears you say how much you adore her; how much she sprinkled your life with happiness. Magical!

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