How to Plan a Super Romantic Wedding Night

As much as you may have enjoyed the ceremony and reception, the best part of your wedding day might be returning to the comfort of a hotel room. You will not only feel a sense of relief that you are officially married, but you might be eager to spend some time with your new husband or wife to consummate your nuptials.

If you don’t want to be one of those couples who fall asleep at the end of their big day, find out how to plan a super romantic wedding night.

Flirt with Your Partner Throughout the Reception

Mixing with wedding guests is a must-do during your reception, as it will make your loved ones feel a part of your celebration. Yet, you mustn’t forget to flirt with your new husband or wife, as this will build anticipation for a romantic night ahead. Use plenty of eye contact, steal kisses throughout the day, and touch their arm or hand when an opportunity arises.

Organize a Romantic Backdrop

Hotel employees might be more than happy to create a romantic backdrop to help you sweep your partner off their feet. Flowers, candles, and champagne on ice will impress your new husband or wife after stepping inside a honeymoon suite. It is a romantic way to toast an unforgettable day.

Freshen Up After a Busy Big Day

Your wedding day is full of much excitement and emotion, making it unforgettable yet physically and emotionally draining. After spending much of your wedding prepping, socializing, and dancing, you will likely feel exhausted after a wonderful yet busy day.

Rather than climbing into bed to go to sleep, freshen yourselves to mentally and physically prepare for a romantic night together. A shower could ease those aching muscles while making you feel fresh and rejuvenated. It will increase the likelihood of intimacy once you return to your room with your other half. Also, banish bad breath by brushing your teeth to ensure you feel attractive once you slide underneath the sheets.

Wear Sexy Lingerie

Dressing up in some sexy lingerie will ensure you become the most memorable part of the big day. You can trust this plus size lingerie will get your other half’s heart racing, guaranteeing you will both want to consummate the marriage on your wedding night. Pick a style that complements your figure and boosts your confidence, such as a plunging lace up teddy or crystalized sheer net body stockings.

Take It Slow

Your other half might be eager to pull your sexy lingerie off, but you mustn’t rush sex. Take the evening slow to ensure you both have a memorable experience from beginning to end, which means making time for foreplay and slowing down intercourse. Also, communicate your wants and dislikes during sex, and encourage your spouse to do the same. It will ensure you both smile from ear to ear when thinking about your wedding night.

Boost Your Body Confidence

Find ways to boost your body confidence in the run-up to the big day to feel beautiful when walking down the aisle and become more sexually uninhibited on your wedding night.

For example, you could feel like a brand-new person by organizing a post-wedding massage, facial, or beauty treatment, such as laser hair removal or a spray tan. If you feel happier with your shape, skin, and appearance, you will become more confident and adventurous in the bedroom.

Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

The drinks will likely be flowing throughout your wedding reception. While you don’t need to avoid toasting to wedded bliss with a glass of champagne, you must not drink too much alcohol throughout the day.

Alcohol can lower your libido and impair your performance, which is why you must both pace your drinks throughout your wedding. You will be glad you didn’t overindulge in alcohol after a romantic night together. Plus, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to embrace married life.

Be Present with Your Partner

Your wedding day will be fun but stressful. You will not only feel physically tired once it is over, but you might worry if your wedding gifts are safe or if a loved one partied a little too hard during the reception.

Rather than allowing various thoughts to play on your mind, you must put them to one side to focus on your other half. You will only have one wedding night, so be as present as possible to enjoy every minute together.

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