autumn wedding dresses for bridesmaids

When we think of Autumn we think of vibrant, colorful, and beautiful scenery, full of perfect lighting and warm tones. Autumn is a great time of year to get married – the days are still light and bright, but not too warm, while the nights are dark, allowing you to add some lighting and magic to your special day. But what are the trends with bridesmaids at an autumn wedding? As the experts in bridesmaid dresses, we have collated some of our favorite autumn shades that are perfect for your bridesmaid dresses. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a closer look:

Warm Oranges

autumn bridesmaid dresses orange color

We often look to nature when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dress shades – and during autumn, the leaves around us turn from a bright green to a warm orange as they begin to drop off the trees. Warm, burnt orange satin bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice in 2022 and are the perfect autumn shade. Team the burnt orange with similar warm shades, or why not try and contrasting navy – which would match easily with the men’s suits. One of our favorite burnt orange bridesmaid dresses is the Chicsew Astrid. This stunning satin dress has a high leg split, combined with a gorgeous one-shoulder design to ensure your bridesmaids look ready for the red carpet. The ruching around the waist and hips is flattering for many different body shapes while the dress itself is fully lined, making it perfect for the cooler autumn season.

Another stunning orange shade that works well with burnt orange, or with neutral beige and brown tones for a more natural themed wedding is terracotta. Terracotta tones are deeper and slightly more brown-toned than other oranges, making them the perfect fall shade. Great long terracotta satin bridesmaid dresses for the autumn months is the Chicsew Bonita.  The Bonita is a convertible bridesmaid dress meaning that you can wear it in the traditional halterneck design, or the material can be moved down to offer a flattering sleeve option – perfect if your wedding is in a cooler location. The waistband pulls the dress in at all the right places, accentuating your bridesmaid’s waist before flowing gently over their hips and falling effortlessly to the ground. The different convertible options also mean that your fuller busted bridesmaids can find a style that allows them to wear a supportive bra, making them comfortable to wear all day and all night.

Deep Reds

Deep red bridesmaid dresses

Some of the most beautiful trees in autumn turn a vibrant deep red shade – which makes burgundy one of the most perfect shades for autumn bridesmaid dresses – particularly if your wedding is at the end of autumn heading into the winter season. Burgundy tones pair brilliantly with the orange shades above, or with delicate light pinks for a softer color combination. Burgundy looks great with either gold or rose gold accents and pairs well with a number of different suit colors – from black to navy to grey.

Burgundy is a great shade for plus-sized bridesmaids as the dark shade is flattering on all body types. One of our favorite plus size burgundy satin bridesmaid dresses is the Chicsew Frieda, which proves that plus size clothing doesn’t need to be frumpy. The ruching across the bust and the bodice is flattering for all body types, while the straps offer some extra support for those with a larger bust. The shape of the dress makes it able for your bridesmaids to wear a strapless bra should they require even more support. Additionally, the glamourous and sexy side split offers easier movement for your bridesmaids, meaning they feel supported but not suffocated as the day continues.

Warm Metallics

gold bridesmaid dresses

Perhaps our favorite tone for bridesmaid dresses during the fall season is warm metallics – after all, shouldn’t a wedding in every season look classy and elegant? Warm-toned metallics are better for the autumn months, leaving cool tones such as silver for the springtime. Warm tones pair well with the warmer orange and red tones that we have discussed above, and add a shine and glimmer to your wedding day  – trust us, these shades look magical in wedding photos. One of our favorite metallic shades for the season is rose gold, which has grown in popularity in recent years. Perhaps our top long rose gold satin bridesmaid dresses is the Chicsew Giselle, which is the ultimate elegant design. The ruched material around the stomach and the hips make it exceptionally flattering for a number of different body types, while the one shoulder, but the two-strap design is sure to stand out from the crown. The smooth back of the dress creates a classy yet sexy silhouette, while the zip up the back makes it easier for your bridesmaids to get in and out of their dresses, while still ending up with a snug, figure-hugging look.

Neutral Tones

champagne bridesmaid dresses

And finally, As well as the traditional warm red and oranges, neutral tones are also a popular choice for an autumn wedding. Think earth tones – such as warm browns, creams, and even warm, muted yellow tones that reflect the hay bales, plants, and traditional clothing shades that are commonly seen during the autumn months. Pair these shades with a warm gold metallic to elevate your color palette or natural green tones for a natural look. Satin dresses are a great way to ensure that your bridesmaids still feel special and glamorous, while still wearing a plainer, more understated color palette due to the soft sheen of the material. This color palette also works well with your decorations and invites – think brown paper, burlap, and twine! One of our favorite neutral-toned satin dresses is the Chicsew Verena dress in the shade Taupe. This dress beautifully combines the sleek and shiny satin material on the main bodice of the dress, with a floaty, more natural tulle material to soften the look of the dress. A similar tulle material can be used in your decoration to pull your autumn wedding theme together.

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