How To Create A Look That Matches Your Wedding Style

Getting married is one of the most memorable milestones in anyone’s life. And, one of the challenging things you’ll encounter is how to strike the perfect balance between what kind of vibe you want and how much resources you can allot for this momentous event.

Perhaps, like everybody else, you dream to make everything perfect—from the song that’ll be played when you march down the aisle up to finding the ideal supplier of wedding centerpieces online. Many factors are in play, and it’d need your will, patience, and decisiveness to nail down every last detail, including how you’ll look.

As the bride, all eyes will be on you the whole time, so you’ll need to find a look you’re comfortable with, but not too plain that it’ll make you fade into the background. You also don’t want your look to clash with your preferred theme. What bride wants to look like a forest elf when her entourage is dressed up in ceremonial kimonos?

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with all the choices presented to you, here’s how to create a look that matches your wedding style:

1. These Three Words

An excellent and practical way to determine how to create your look is to describe the theme of your wedding style in three words. Is it an intimate, whimsical, by-the-sea moment, or more of an old-world, romantic-gothic event? Narrowing down how you envision your wedding will make it easier for you to choose how to prepare your look, from your make-up, to your hair, to the shoes you’ll wear.

2. Get Inspired

Of course, visualizing your look and theme can be pretty tricky, especially if you have so many suggestions thrown at you. Why not look up certain movies or a particular celebrity whose style you admire for inspiration? Living in the digital era is a blessing when it comes to research. Just be sure not to fall into the rabbit hole with all the beautiful images and possible theme combinations out there.

Wedding theme ideas

3. Your Dress Matters

Pulling off a lovely look that matches your wedding style means considering your dress. Your wedding dress is a significant factor in your look for it’ll be the main determining factor as to what color pallet will be used on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Additionally, you’ll also need to factor in the dress’s neckline when looking into how to style your hair for your wedding. 

4. Consider The Logistics

Take note of where your wedding will be happening. This is also crucial because the last thing you want is your mascara running or your lipstick bleeding while you get your pictures taken. Having your wedding outdoors might not be a great idea, especially if you think you’re a sweaty lady.

Do an ocular check of the event’s place you plan on renting if it has AC, or if you and your guests will be basking under the sun during the whole ceremony with just hand fans.

5. Ask For Makeup Tests

The best way to make sure your look matches the vibe of your wedding style, go ahead and ask for makeup tests. Trying out how different makeup artists interpret what you want, knowing which brand of cosmetics won’t make you break out, and seeing how your desired makeup style will look on you are some of the best things you can do. You may even mix some styles until you get the look that looks good on your skin tone and facial features.

6. Narrow Down Your Choices

Assuming you have months of preparation before your wedding day, you’ve gone through dress fittings, talked to your loved ones, and sought out make-up advice. A couple of months before your wedding day is sufficient enough for you to narrow down to at least two kinds of looks you see yourself in on your special day. If you can’t decide for yourself, you may want to ask your bridesmaids’ and families’ opinions.

Just The Way You Are

Although it’s your wedding and you’re in charge, it’d help if you ask for suggestions and opinions from people you love and trust. Visualizing your wedding theme up until the minutest detail can help you create a look for your wedding. Just remember to consider your venue and your dress, and not be embarrassed to ask for makeup trials.

Just remember that at the end of the day, you shouldn’t compromise your comfort and style too much just to ride on a trend or just to please other people. You should feel secure and beautiful on one of the most important days of your life.

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