How To Choose The Right Wedding Gifts

Weddings often focus on the commitment and love of the couple, as well as a public display of marriage vows and marital contracts. It is a cherished moment in a couple’s life, and as guests, we want to give them gifts that have meaning and are useful to the new chapter of their lives. Although wedding presents are a bit challenging to choose from since they can be unique, personal, or practical (link: No matter what side of the family you are on, whether you are a sister, brother, cousin, auntie, uncle, or friend, it is a great way to show your appreciation and support by giving the couple a meaningful gift. However, the big question is, how do we choose the right presents for them?

If you are having a challenging time deciding or thinking about a gift, there is always the wedding gift registry. A registry is like a wish list since it’s a list of wedding gifts for the couple that guests can choose from. It ensures that the soon-to-be newlyweds get what they need or what they like for their new beginnings. If somehow it is not included, you can simply ask the couple. It is a kind and practical way of knowing what item to get.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

1. Use Their Wedding Gift Registry

When it comes to these types of celebrations, it is essential to avoid any accidents or mishaps to be a great guest. One way to show your honor to their special day is to get them an item they will love. The most effective way to do so is to take advantage of the couple’s curated list of wants or needs (called the wedding gift registry), where you can find the best wedding gifts they’d appreciate. This prevents any doubled items or getting them something they will not be using. Using this resource, you can avoid all that shopping stress, and not to mention you can save some cash by buying the appropriate item on the first try.

2. Be Punctual

Usually, it is said that a wedding gift should be given before the wedding, and we can all agree it is a sweet gesture. Sending a present promptly is a kind and well-thought way of congratulating the couple on their new journey, and it is most convenient for them too! Oftentimes, online registries are at your service to find and shop for the perfect gift and ship it to the couple’s address for them to receive ahead of the wedding date.

3. Where To Give the Gift

Unlike birthday parties, wedding presents are best given to their address or home ahead of time. It applies, especially to registry items. This saves the couple from the hassle of keeping track of the gifts during the celebration. Not to mention that it is beneficial for you too since you no longer have to bring it with you when going to the wedding.

4. How Long Are After Weddings Gifts Due

According to tradition, being slightly late on the gift is not a bad thing. In fact, you have up to one year after the wedding to give them a gift. However, in etiquette 101, gifts are best given sooner than later so that the couple can really appreciate the item while they are still newlyweds.

Type Of Gift to Get

  • Traditional

Traditional wedding gifts can range from tableware, glassware, or kitchenware in general. These include the popular decanter set that is often gifted to newlyweds, personalized champagne flutes, and even a set of hand-blown wine glasses—kitchenware such as a durable bamboo cutting board for those couples who love to cook. Moreover, the His and Hers personalized mugs and marble coasters would be a great addition to their home.

  • Classics

The classic presents every couple should receive during this chapter of their lives should involve a KitchenAid stand mixer, a set of picture frames for their adventures together, and a baking set to make those homemade dinners and treats.

  • Unique

Of course, unique gifts should never be left out since it adds a bit of fun to the newlyweds. A few examples would be a personalized sign of their new shared last name to make that home official. Wooden home decor like advent calendars and personalized signs that involve the couple’s names or even their wedding date.

Type Of Gift to Get

How Much to Spend On A Gift?

Of course, there are a few factors to remember, such as the budget. A good gift does not necessarily mean expensive or overpriced. Giving some thoughts on what gift is best for the couple’s personality or style is a great start.

By thinking about their likes or needs, you may come up with an idea without breaking the bank (read more). That way, you are staying on your budget while showing your love and support with a special thing they actually like. Not everyone on the guest list has a huge amount of money to spare for a present, so it is essential to keep it simple and thoughtful.

Furthermore, a guest is not required to spend a certain amount on a gift. What is important is that you are comfortable with what you are going to give and that it fits your budget. If you do not know where to start, you can also use the closeness you have with the couple as a guide, whether you are a best friend, a relative, a coworker, or others. The usual budgets can range from $50 up to $200, and let us say if you are a coworker, it is rational to spend between $50 to $120 at most. When it comes to relatives or closer family members, research says most spend around $150 and above.

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