Destination weddings are incredibly popular. They offer a great way to save money and to guarantee good weather on your wedding day. They also give you the opportunity to combine your wedding and honeymoon so your guests get to enjoy a lovely break instead of just a wedding day. Most couples who book a destination wedding find that it’s a chance to enjoy a beautiful day and build truly unforgettable memories. But it can make shopping for a wedding dress more difficult. There’s a lot more to think about and transport to consider. Here are some tips to help you to choose the perfect dress for your destination wedding.

Set your Budget

Wedding dresses can be very expensive, so the first thing that you should do, wherever you are getting married, is set a budget for your dress and for your full outfit, including shoes and accessories. Look at your total budget carefully and think about how much you want to spend on your dress before you even start looking.

Consider the Location

Where you are getting married should play a big part in your decision, but this goes deeper than just looking at the country. If you are getting married in a church abroad, there may be some rules on what you can and can’t wear, so make sure you do your research. Consider whether you are getting married indoors or outside in the sunshine and how far you’ll have to travel during the day. If there’s a lot of travel you might prefer a dress in a lighter material with a simple, unfussy design to keep you comfortable and make moving around easier.

Look at the Terrain

Beach weddings are a very popular choice. If you plan to get married on a beach, you might not want to wear heels, and this might affect the dress that you choose. Some people opt to get married on a smaller island, which can mean a boat trip and a walk on uneven terrain. This could be difficult in thick or tight materials and heels. Look at the terrain, and make sure you’ll be safe and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

Research the Climate

Most of us get married abroad in part for the weather. But it’s still worth doing some deeper research. Some countries are hot and sunny in the daytime but cooler later, for example, so you might want to add a wrap to your outfit.

Consider the Kind of Wedding You Want

Destination weddings, much like weddings at home, come in all different shapes and sizes. Think about the kind of wedding that you want. Do you want casual or more formal? Do you want a specific theme? Do you want to embrace the culture of the country that you are marrying in? Using a wedding coordinator can help you to decide what kind of wedding you want, which can make finding a dress that suits the occasion much easier. If you want to learn more about destination wedding coordination, click here to learn more.

Think About a Two-Piece

Wedding dresses are lovely, but they can be stifling. They can also make it hard to walk or even to go to the toilet. A two-piece can be a fantastic alternative that makes getting around easier, keeps you cool, and looks amazing. A long, flowing skirt in a light material and a lace crop top, for example, could look wonderful with sandals for a boho beach wedding.

Look at Shorter Dresses

A shorter dress is another alternative that can make walking and staying cool much easier. Short dresses really show off your shoes, so if you go down this route, make sure your shoes are suitable for the terrain but also that you absolutely love them, as they’ll be one of the first things that your guests notice.

Consider Alternatives to Dresses

Of course, there’s no rule that says you have to wear a dress or skirt at all. Many grooms opt for a more casual look at a destination wedding, leaving the tie, waistcoat, and jacket at home and loosening their top buttons, and there’s no reason why brides can’t do the same. Loose trousers, a classic white jumpsuit, or even stylish shorts could look gorgeous at a beach wedding.

Consider Color and Pattern

Another popular option for beach brides is ditching the wedding look altogether. Many prefer to get married in a stylish summer dress that looks casual but pretty and suits the laid-back nature of the big day. This can be much cheaper and make travel far easier, and there are always fantastic dresses advertised for wedding guests that could work really well.

Think Accessories

Your wedding outfit isn’t just about your dress and shoes, the accessories also play a big part. If you are getting married in a hot place you might prefer to limit jewelry and other accessories and stick to light things that won’t grow uncomfortable when you get hot.

Don’t Buy without Researching Travel Logistics

If you do choose a large dress, it probably won’t fit in your suitcase. Even if your dress is smaller, you might prefer to keep it separate from your luggage to keep it safe and avoid creasing. Contact your travel provider to see what other options you might have. You can usually pay for extra luggage, and they may have specific options for bridal parties. It can be worth adding an Airtag to your dress box and any other luggage that is important for the big day to stop it from getting lost or make it easier to find if it does.

Get the Right Travel Insurance

Make sure that your wedding is fully insured, and add extra to cover your dress once you know how much it is worth, and any other important outfits and accessories.

Getting married abroad can be a fantastic way to reduce stress, save money and enjoy the wedding of your dreams. Finding the right dress can be tricky, but with plenty of options available, you are bound to find something that suits your tastes and fits in with your wedding destination.

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