Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and it’s something you’ve likely been envisioning for a while. 

While we all would love a picture-perfect wedding, it’s important to realize the ideal wedding looks different for everyone. 

If you’re wondering how fancy your big day should really be, the answer is that it should be only as extravagant as you would like and can afford. 

In this blog, we’ve discussed the upsides and the not-so-good elements that come with extravagant weddings, as well as how to decide whether this is what you’d like for your big day. 

The Cost and Other Negatives Effects of an Extravagant Wedding

The biggest deal breaker when it comes to wedding plans is often the cost — and with extravagant weddings, the cost is a serious consideration. 

The average wedding in the United States costs around $33,391, and that is excluding external costs such as buying an engagement ring. 

While the figures vary greatly from state to state, one thing is clear — weddings are an expensive investment. 

Now, weddings are a big deal, and this article is not in any way meant to downplay the importance of that special day. If you’ve always dreamt of a glamorous event to commemorate your union with your life partner, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

But with a rising trend of spending more and more money on weddings, many individuals often feel pressured into organizing a themed grand event when that’s not something they really want. 

If you’re on the fence about how extravagant your wedding should be, it can be helpful to consider some of the negative ramifications of an over-the-top event. 

So here are some things to keep in mind when planning for your important day. 

  1. Long-Term Financial Consequences

If you and your partner’s current financial circumstances are a bit rocky, it’s never recommended to go into debt trying to pay for a luxurious wedding. Weddings are like an investment, and expensive weddings can bring financial consequences you and your family will feel for years into the future.

Even if you currently have the money saved, consider whether you can spend that in a better way — for instance, repaying your debt, buying a new home with your partner, or organizing an incredible honeymoon experience in an exotic place like Maldives or Greece to begin your married life on an exciting note. 

If you want an extravagant wedding and have no issues with finances, go for it! But if you’re currently not in a great financial position, consider organizing a smaller, more intimate, low-key event. Your wedding day can be just as beautiful, special, and memorable without having to break the bank. 

  1. Added Stress and Prep Time 

Organizing a wedding is no easy job — from dresses to invites, flowers, venue, food, and decor, there’s an endless list of things to be done before the big day arrives. 

When throwing an extravagant wedding, this prep work becomes even more difficult. Adding dozens of unnecessary frills and expenses to your to-do list can often take the joy out of preparing for your big day and make the process unnecessarily stressful. 

On the other hand, a simple wedding allows you to enjoy time with your partner and family leading up to the day and helps you focus on what is important instead of worrying about material things like gold-rimmed cutlery or a fancy menu. 

  1. Distraction From What Matters the Most 

Organizing an extravagant wedding can often distract the couple from the hard work of preparing for married life. When it comes to a union with your partner, how many flowers to place in each centerpiece at dinner should be the least of your concerns.

Even if you plan on hiring a wedding planner or additional help, putting together a luxurious event can often distract from what really matters — you and your spouse. 

Instead of fussing over buttonholes and frills, spend the time leading up to your marriage working on your relationship with your spouse. Communicate about plans for your life together or any important decisions you need to take, and spend this time with family, friends, and each other. That is where the foundation for a happy marriage lies. 

How to Cut Down on Wedding Costs

How to Cut Down on Wedding Costs
(Photograph: @weddingpeace/Instagram).

If an extravagant wedding doesn’t sound right, a simple wedding can be just as meaningful. Here are some tips on cutting back on costs and keeping your wedding small-scale while still having the time of your life. 

  1. The first thing to do is set a budget. Put a cap on how much is right for you to spend, and ensure you don’t exceed the amount. 
  1. Discuss with your spouse and decide on some elements that are most important to the two of you. Once you have a list of what you want for your wedding, try incorporating whatever you can, but limit the number. For instance, go for fewer food choices or fewer flowers, but still keep your favorite menu items and choose the prettiest flowers you like. It’s very much possible to have your dream wedding without going over the top. 
  1. If you’re on a tight budget, try and find alternatives to expensive accommodations. Instead of crashing the bank for a costly chapel, consider an intimate church wedding. Or, consider Gathar’s approach and organize a beautiful backyard experience with a private chef for an informal, unforgettable reception, whether you are in Australia, the US, or anywhere else in the world. 
  1. Try and stay away from commercialized wedding inspiration. The wedding industry is built on convincing you that you need that expensive linen or those extravagant decorations for your wedding to be perfect. But the truth is that you don’t really need anything — as long as you incorporate your favorite elements and are happy with what you’ve picked, an ideal wedding lies in wait for you. 

At the end of the day, weddings are about unions, love, and trust. Marital happiness has nothing to do with how large your wedding venue is or how many guests you invite. A simple wedding can be just as incredible and meaningful as a picture-perfect catalog one.

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