Crowd-Pleasing Gifts For Coworkers
Crowd-Pleasing Gift Ideas For Those Coworkers You Barely Know.

Nobody likes feeling obligated to buy holiday gifts for their coworkers. Here are 10 ideas that will hopefully make finding one less painful!

You know what’s an ABSOLUTE BLAST? Feeling obligated to give a holiday gift to the person who sits next to you at work. You didn’t choose these people, and even if you get along with them okay, you’re not thrilled about the idea of shelling out $20 each on gift cards. Fear not. I consider myself an expert when it comes to buying cheap, lazy gifts for random people. Here are 10 ideas that will probably work for you!

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1. Inside joke mugs

It doesn’t matter if you don’t actually have an inside joke with any of your coworkers. Zazzle has mugs with thousands of quippy saying on them. One of them has to hit the lowest common denominator– while making people think you picked it out, especially for them.

2. Popcorn tins

They might seem cliche, but they’re popular for a reason. I have literally ordered them online at different points in the year because I couldn’t wait for the Christmas season. Everyone loves popcorn tins. If they don’t, they’re probably the antichrist.

3. Candles

The vast majority of living, breathing human beings will appreciate making their homes smell like fall leaves or mahogany while adding in some ambient light. If you go to hand a candle to someone and they look less than thrilled, though, you have my permission to be like, “Oh shoot, this one’s broken! I’ll get you something else!” Take the candle home and show it the love it deserves. Don’t get them something else.

4. Homemade anything

Even if you’re just buying pre-made cookie dough from the freezer section or a bunch of boxes of brownie mix, people have to pretend they like their gift if you worked hard on it. This is also a great way to start slowly poisoning that one dude from the cubicle next to you who always goes on sexist rants. Just kidding! Mostly.

5. Wine bottle openers

For actual friends, you can go on Etsy and get these personalized for cheap. For coworkers, cousins, or other randoms on your list, you can just get a handful of plain ones at Walmart. Everyone likes it when you give them permission to drink more wine.

6. Shot glasses

The logic behind this idea is similar to the last one, but it’s a little bit trashier and a little bit more fun. Bring along a bouquet of mini liquor bottles if you want to be really exciting! Bonus points if you can convince your coworkers to drink theirs on the clock. That might make them a little more bearable to be around.

7. Texting gloves

These are perfect. Why? Because they seem really personal (“I’ve noticed that you’re always cold AND always texting!” “We all know how much Roberta loves to play Candy Crush! HARHARHARHARSNORT!”), but you don’t actually have to know anything about the person you’re giving them to.

8. Starbucks Christmas tree ornament

You have a coworker who loooooves Starbucks. How do I know? Because every employed person in the United States has a coworker who loooooves Starbucks. This is a cheap and cute gift that will make the receiver think you pay closer attention to them than you really do.

9. Picture frames

Who doesn’t love a cheap, cardboard picture frame filled with a photo from the last company picnic? Oh, everybody? It doesn’t matter. It’s a dollar.

10. Patterned socks

Everyone needs more socks! Get some generic ones with polka dots, stripes, or solid colors for people you barely know. Get ones with dumb patterns on them for your work buddies. You can even tie a ribbon around them and add a little note if you feel weird slapping a pair of socks on someone’s desk.

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