Holiday Gift Buying Guide

This guide helps take some of the stress out of your holiday shopping season. Remember to buy early, so all your gifts arrive before your holiday parties.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and now is the time to start thinking of what the perfect gift is for everyone on your list. While your first instinct might be to head over to your local mall or big-box store, why not skip the traffic and lines and order something unique and personalized for your friends, family, team, coach, employees, or co-workers? All of our gifts can be personalized using our easy-to-use online designer to upload your own artwork, logo, or text or can be bought without decoration.

Gift giving shouldn’t be hard or stressful, so we’ve compiled an easy-to-search list of the top gifts for those special people on your list. Shop the categories below and find the perfect gifts that will become cherished items that continue to be used year after year or, in some cases, all year long.

Team & Sports

Unique Gifts for Sports Fans

Giving a gift to a team or an individual sports fan doesn’t need to be overwhelming. For a team, gifts that bring your players closer together are always a great success. Many coaches and parents find that team warm-ups or sweats do the trick.

New team warm-ups for the holidays will give your players a much need boost in confidence and pride the next time they head to a game. It also brings a sense of professionalism when your entire team matches and looks like a cohesive group. Players will want to wear these all the time to show off their team spirit.

If team warm-ups aren’t practical or in the budget, team sweats are a great alternative. Since sweatshirts have made the jump from exercise-only to everyday apparel, team sweatshirts have become the most sought-after items for players, parents, and fans alike.

It keeps you warm during the winter and early spring months and promotes your team spirit. For players, hooded sweatshirts are the most popular, but many parents find crewneck sweatshirts to be more comfortable. Both styles allow you to add your team’s name or logo on to the front of the sweatshirt prominently so you can wear it with pride!

Who doesn’t know a sports fanatic on their list? Fan jerseys are a great gift that you can design in support of your favorite team or player. While we cannot produce licensed or copyrighted material, you can create something truly unique that no one else will have! What wouldn’t sports fanatic want to have a one-of-a-kind jersey they can wear at the next game?

While players, parents, and fans are indeed important, a team will go nowhere without a coach. This is why we never want to leave coaches out of the gift conversation. Many coaches volunteer their time and money to help their players and team succeed.

This holiday season, remember the coaches in your life and show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. A new coach’s polo or jacket can be the perfect gift. It shows that you care, and it lets them show their team pride while on the sidelines.

Family & Friends

whole family gift ideas

Giving gifts to the ones closest to you can sometimes be a challenge because they mean the most to you, and you want to give them the best gift possible. This year we recommend giving gifts that are not only special but will keep them comfortably warm through the cold months ahead.

Jackets are one of those items that all of us have, and depending on where you live in the country, some jackets may get significantly more use than others.

With a wide array of jackets ranging from lightweight, soft shell jackets to sub-zero down jackets, the perfect jacket is always available for your loved ones.

This year, the most popular jackets have been fleece-lined soft shell jackets. These jackets are lightweight and have a slimmer profile but can keep you warm in even the coldest temperatures. With water-repellant shells, you won’t have to be worried about getting wet if snow or sleet starts to fall.

Sweatshirts offer many of the same benefits as jackets but allow you much more flexibility when it comes to personalizing them. Sweatshirts come in styles to suit everyone — the hoodie (a go-to staple for younger family members), the traditional or crewneck sweatshirt (never goes out of style), and zipper front (from quarter zip to full zip).

Blankets are a popular holiday gift because they can be used in so many situations and are a great gift for almost everyone on your list. Super soft and super warm fleece blankets are easy to carry, can be stowed anywhere, and are always useful in the house, at the game, or even in the car on long trips to visit family for the holidays.

Fleece blankets come in many different colors and styles, so no one’s tastes are left out. If you want to customize a fleece blanket for someone special, you can choose to have a message or design embroidered on the blanket to make it unique.

Employee & Corporate

employee corporate gifts

Holiday gift-giving for businesses and corporations has grown tremendously over the past few years. In the past, many companies gave out logo branded mugs, pen sets, and small items, but more recently, these gifts have upgraded to soft shell and fleece jackets, sweaters, dress shirts, and even tech accessories. These items are seen as being of much higher quality and can be worn and used around the office after the holidays come to an end.

Softshell and fleece jackets are great solutions for those businesses that have people traveling for work or just want to keep their employees comfortable at their desks. Both styles of jackets are light enough to wear indoors but warm enough to be worn outside without having to switch to a much bigger jacket. Softshell and fleece jackets also allow for you to have separate men’s and ladies’ cuts of the same jacket. This means everyone has a jacket that fits perfectly.

Sweaters and dress shirts are great for the corporate work environment that demands a higher standard of in-office clothing but still allows employees to feel appreciated. Sweaters and dress shirts with the company or brand logo not only make great gifts for your employees but also great gifts for clients and vendors during the holiday season. These are considered very high-value gifts because they are not limited to just the holiday season or certain times of the year. These gifts can be worn 365 days a year.

We hope this guide helps take some of the stress out of your holiday shopping season. Remember to buy early, so all your gifts arrive before your holiday or year-end parties. If there are any other gift ideas you think we missed, let us know in the comments.

Have a happy holiday and a tremendous new year!

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