At first glance, the duties of the groom’s wedding party seem simple in comparison to the bridal party. However, there is more to the job than just escorting the beautiful bridesmaids down the aisle. Here are nine essential responsibilities you have when accepting the honor of being a groomsman:

Groomsmen Duties
Being a groomsmen means more than just being in charge of throwing a wild bachelor party. Ned Frisk/Blend Images/Getty Images

Tux Fitting

Groomsmen pay for their own attire but rarely get to choose what they wear. All the groomsmen should get fitted at the same time as the groom to ensure that the right cuts and colors are ordered. Return any rentals on time and in good condition, so you don’t have to pay additional fees.

Plan the Bachelor Party

Traditionally, it is the best man’s job to plan the bachelor party, but the groomsmen usually have a hand in helping to coordinate the details. The guys-only outing should take place one or two weeks before the ceremony.

Serve as a Sounding Board

Despite the stereotype that guys don’t get mushy, they do still need a friend to lean on when they need advice or feel nervous.

While it is part of your friendship duties to offer up some good-natured teasing, it is also important that you lend an ear when necessary. Check in with the groom occasionally to see if he needs help writing his vows, choosing his attire or battling cold feet.

Setting Up the Wedding Venues

There are hundreds of details to attend to for the marriage ceremony and reception to play out perfectly. While the bridesmaids are likely more involved in the planning, the groomsmen need to show up ready to hang lights, carry cases of champagne bottles, assemble the arch and arrange tables and chairs. When the party is over, make sure you hang around to help clean up and take down decorations.

Fill in Where You Are Needed

Duties of the Groomsmen

After suiting up and taking pictures, groomsmen often find themselves standing around waiting for the ceremony to begin. Since there is little else for you to do, ensuring the smooth arrival of guests typically falls upon your shoulders. Pitch in wherever you can whether it is directing traffic, entertaining the ring bearer and flower girl or escorting honored guests to their seats. You can also expect to serve as the unofficial information booth for everything from where to put the presents to how to find the bathroom.

The Wedding Guardian

The role of the groomsmen developed out of necessity — to safely escort the bride and her dowry to the altar. Known in Europe as Bride’s Knights, these brave men thwarted kidnappings, thefts, and mischievous spirits. Today, it is the best man’s job to guard the wedding rings, keeping them safe until the bride and groom are ready to exchange their vows. The groomsmen are also responsible for protecting the valuable wedding gifts, making sure everything is loaded into the car and arrives safely at the couple’s home.

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Offer a Toast

The best man is also responsible for offering the newlyweds a congratulatory toast. The wedding speech can be tricky, so check out these foolproof tips for delivering a great one.

Keep the Party Going

During the reception, groomsmen should mingle with the guests. It is your job to ensure that all the single ladies get to dance, that the groom has a group of guys to toss the garter to and that any unexpected mishaps are handled without the groom and bride knowing. The groomsmen are also usually involved in cultural dances, such as the money dance or Jewish Hora.

Decorate the Getaway Car

As a wedding prank, decorating the getaway car is one job groomsmen look forward to doing. While you can have some fun, remember to be respectful of the couple’s vehicle and the venue’s rules. Check out these Decorating Dont’s and find out which materials are appropriate to use.

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