5 Great Themes for Bachelorette Parties

Everyone loves a celebration and bachelorette parties are the ultimate in getting the girls together for a brilliant time. Whether you’re heading to Vegas or gathering at someone’s home, having a theme is a fantastic way to create a sense of unity and fun, especially if you are mixing friendship groups with family and people are meeting for the first time. Here are some simple and popular themes that will be sure you have a memorable bachelorette party aesthetic!

Black and White Party

This classic option remains popular because not only is it easy for guests to find outfits that fit the theme, but they also don’t have to give up their individuality. Different styles can be embraced while still having a cohesive overall look, and it is a striking and timeless theme for any bachelorette party. Decorations and accessories in black and white complete the stylish look.

Pink Ladies

Grease is the word with this fun theme! With silky pink jackets, oversized sunglasses and masses of 50s style, anyone who is a fan of the film will enjoy dressing up as Sandy, Rizzo, Marti, Frenchie or Jan. Bring out the soundtrack and sing your hearts out! Perfect for those who love anything kitsch and retro or the movie buff in your life, everyone should dress up as a Pink Lady at least once.

Perfect Princesses

Why should princesses have all the fun? This theme encourages ball gowns and sparkles and offers the perfect opportunity to rewear outfits that often only get one outing. Dress them up with tiaras for the ultimate dose of princess style and don’t forget the bridal sashes to bring back all those memories of prom. This glamorous theme will bring a touch of class to any bachelorette party.

Rainbow Brights

An ideal choice for same-sex weddings, embrace all the colors of the Pride flag with a rainbow themed bachelorette party. Give guests a color to dress in so when your group are en masse you create your own personal rainbow or encourage people to wear clashing colors and rainbow patterns. Follow the theme through with a range of rainbow food and drinks such as Tequila Sunrise cocktails, rainbow salad and rainbow cake. The most colorful bachelorette theme going!

Flower Power

Everyone loves flowers and they are synonymous with weddings, so why not incorporate them into the bachelorette party? This could be something as simple as asking people to wear floral dresses. For the more creative, many florists run workshops where you and your friends can make your own flower crowns – a great activity which provides perfect Instagram moments to be cherished forever. Floral drinks such as rose lemonade and elderflower cordial make the perfect accompaniment.

However you decide to celebrate your bachelorette party, go all out on the theme – let it incorporate the dress code, menu, drinks, music and venue. Putting in the effort means you are sure to have a wonderful and memorable celebration of your life as a singleton and the excitement that lies ahead.

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