There are a few occasions in life when you want everything to be perfect. A girl baby shower for a loved one is one of these occasions. Especially if this is the first child of the expectant mother, you will want to get things that she finds appealing. Remember that the last trimester of a pregnancy is often tough, and the baby shower should provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for your guests and the guest of honor.

Baby Shower Themes and Ideas for Girls

With that thought in mind, remember to consider the mother-to-be’s likes and dislikes when it comes to a theme for her baby shower. Establishing a theme will make purchasing your gifts, decorations, and party favors a breeze. It will also help you stay within your budget.

If the mother-to-be has a particular theme in mind for the nursery, it is a good idea to stick with that theme and even include a note in the invitations regarding her preference. Remember that this occasion is always about the mom and her desires. You want to create a comfortable and easy environment for her as well as acknowledging her personal choices.

Themes for baby showers cover a wide range of tastes. There are sophisticated and elegant themes for your savvy mom. If your mom is into metropolitan styles, consider patterns with straight lines and bold colors. Solids are often a hit when the sex of the child is unknown. If your mom does not like pastels (which most baby showers are awash in), consider a primary color theme with blocks and brilliant coloring. She will love it.

For more traditional girl baby shower themes, there are loads of different teddy bears, rocking horses, duckies, and more. If there is no central theme for the nursery, try pastels and a simple pattern such as a quilt theme. Precious Moments and Winnie the Pooh have adorable traditional and classical girl baby shower themes that will make any new mom think baby thoughts.

Take into account your mother-to-be’s hobbies and interests. If she really likes horses, try a baby pony-themed shower. If she is into gardening, use a garden bug theme. There are even girl baby shower themes such as glowing suns, cool moons, and of course, a great deal of flowers.

For more girl baby shower theme ideas, it is worth the look online in addition to traveling to retail stores. There are a number of online retailers that can provide not only the theme idea but decorations and accessories all in one place. You can easily and affordably order your entire baby shower set up online, saving yourself hassle and time. Most of these baby shower kits will come with themed items such as plates, utensils, table covers, a gift for the mom, and more.

When shopping for baby shower kits or purchasing everything individually, you will need to know how many guests you will be expecting and what your time frame is. It is a good idea to shop around before you buy so that you have an idea of what is available and what you will want to spend. Having a budget is important also.

After you have selected a central theme for a girl’s baby shower, stick to it. Using more than one theme will give the room a clustered and off-centered look. The decorations and centerpieces will help draw the room together, making it comfortable for the mother-to-be and the guests alike. Having a central theme also helps over-purchasing. Keep to your budget, and that will set you at ease as well.

With so many girl baby shower themes to choose from, you should have no trouble finding a theme within your budget that will make an expectant mother adore her shower.

Baby Shower Themes & Ideas for Girls

When decorating for a girl-themed baby shower, you can be as extravagant or as relaxed as you like. If you feel inspired to announce “It’s A Girl,” then here are a few things to keep in mind:

Girl Baby Shower Theme Ideas
  • The style of the mom to be should always take precedence. Is she planning a specific theme for the baby’s nursery, such as “Pink Elephant,” that you can incorporate into the shower?
  • Some of the baby girl shower themes include sign-in banners or advice cards that all your guests can write little messages on that can then be hung in the nursery for a lovely keepsake reminder of the special day. You can also use printable invitations from the theme you pick for guests to write their special notes on.
  • Does she have a favorite color or character that you can build your shower plans around, such as “Pink Princess Swan Baby,” or does she have a wild side that begs for a wild safari pink shower theme? Whatever her style, there is the perfect girl baby shower theme ideas to fit the mood.
  • What kind of decorations does your venue allow? Are you planning a simple luncheon at the home of the mom-to-be or an elegant sit-down brunch at her favorite restaurant? For home events, you can decorate as much as you want, but most restaurant venues are very specific about the types of decor that they allow. Centerpieces and balloons are usually not a problem, but most won’t allow a banner that needs to be attached to a wall or table confetti that has to be cleaned up after the event. Be sure to check with the restaurant manager for any restrictions they may have.
  • Decorations can incorporate everything from your tableware to a yard sign announcing that your guests have arrived! Think of decorating outside the box, too, by “decorating” your guest of honor! carries a wide selection of sashes, buttons, and tiaras that truly celebrate not only the mom-to-be but also grandma, big sister, and of course, your favorite aunt. It’s going to be an all-girl event!
  • Think of incorporating your baby shower cupcakes or cake into your décor as well. Most bakeries will match your cake to the baby shower theme that you’ve chosen. Simply take a sample of a plate or napkin to your baker a week or so in advance so that they have time to work their magic, or for something truly special, select from one of custom made to order diaper cakes. Available in a wide selection to match several of the baby girl shower themes, they make a one of a kind decoration that also makes a beautiful gift for “Mom.”
  • Since your party needs to be perfect, all your guests need to be impressed. Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming, but they can get expensive quickly. If you do want to prepare some gifts for your guest, then limit your spending to a few dollars per guest.
  • Plus, unique labels and stickers will add a unique touch to gifts, party favors to your celebration. Customize some personalized baby shower stickers and seals to decorate the gifts and the theme of the whole party will be highly highlighted. These custom sticker makers generally offer an online editor, you can add your own designs, patterns, text, and pictures. Then print on demand! Your guests will be impressed by your thanks to them for sharing your special day!
Custom sticker makers
Custom sticker makers.

Check out the rest of the 100+ baby shower themes for girls; we are sure you’ll find the perfect one to be an inspiration for your event!

Best Baby Shower Themes for Girls!

It may seem like the world is full of baby shower theme ideas for girls. Who doesn’t just love a pretty, frilly frou-frou baby shower? It’s one of life’s special little pleasures for women around the world. With so many options, deciding on just one could be a wee bit tricky for some.

Best Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Picking baby shower theme ideas may at first seem daunting until you realize just how many options are available. You can always fall back on the traditional pink and white color combination for a theme or go modern with pink and chocolate colors. The one thing that you should remember about hosting a shower for a couple that’s expecting a girl is that you actually don’t have to have PINK as the primary color. Yes, it’s traditional, but it’s not definitive.

You can save yourself the trouble of shopping around for items that match your girl baby shower below:

  • Adorable Monkey Themed Baby Shower Ideas
  • Girl Baby Shower Themes and Photos
  • Pretty Princess Theme Ideas
  • Butterfly Baby Shower Theme Ideas
  • Jungle Themed Baby Shower Ideas
  • A Little Princess Baby Shower

What is a Good Theme for a Girl Baby Shower?

When considering baby shower theme ideas, don’t discount those that aren’t the proverbial “pink.” Other colors are fun, funky, and just as girly as pink also. But, if you really just can’t imagine a baby shower without using pink, then get creative and pair it with a cool color like brown or silver!

One of my favorite baby shower theme ideas for baby girls is to bling out the affair.

Shimmer, shine, and lots of it will make the shower spectacular eye candy for the attendees. To pull this off, go with a traditional base like baby strollers, bibs, or sweet little Mary Jane shoes, and then bling everything out with silver, crystal, and glittering accessories and embellishments! That will take the overall décor up a notch while still giving it a girly feel.

You could think out of the box with baby shower theme ideas that feature the unexpected. One really wild idea is to focus on “Girl Power” and create a theme that includes a superhero baby girl in a diaper and cape! The mother-to-be will love it because it has such a positive message, and the guests are sure to do a lot of giggling with this theme!

Bring it to life with cupcakes that feature the baby girl superhero or that are decked out in capes! You could even make them appear to fly by hanging cupcakes from a cute little cupcake tree or stand.

Here are some theme ideas:

  • Diaper Baby Shower
  • Baby Shower Tea Party
  • Around The Clock Shower
  • Noah’s Ark Twins Baby Shower
  • Little Princess Baby Girl Shower
  • ABC Baby Shower
  • Valentine’s Baby Shower
  • Pink Baby Shower for Girl

More girl baby shower theme ideas:

Baby animals in pastel colors are also great choices. For religious parents-to-be, the sweet blessing pink theme featuring a combination of colors and a pink cross might be an excellent theme. Butterflies would be a good choice, too.

Girly Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Cutest way to welcome your guests

There’s nothing more special or precious than the arrival of a new baby girl! When you’re planning a baby shower for a little girl, you’ll want to make it as special and precious as she is. At, they have a wonderful selection of baby shower themes for girls that are just perfect for your newest bundle of joy. Choose from their more traditional baby girl shower themes, such as Pink Bunny Baby Shower Supplies and Precious Bear Pink, or perhaps something more modern like Little Princess or Butterfly and Unicorn Baby Shower.

So Many Girls’ Themes to Choose From!

One thing to consider when choosing a baby girl shower theme is the unique and distinct style of the mom-to-be. If she is regal and formal and would want all her decorations and favors to match exactly, then perhaps a baby girl shower theme with lots of decorating options would be best. However, if she just likes all things girly, you can really let your imagination run wild and add decorations from different patterns and lots of girly solid colors. Adding solids to any of baby girl shower decorations can really fill them out without breaking the bank. Of course, you’ll want to send home a small token of thanks to all your baby shower guests.

When the main theme of a baby shower hinges on the gender of the baby, it is really important to make sure the theme is clear and carried out through every aspect of the party. A baby girl shower needs to make people think all about girls, and the typical girl stereotypes work well to get this theme across. Baby girl shower decorations should focus on the color pink and generally convey the image of girls.

Some good baby girl decoration ideas include mirrors, bows, frills, and lace. A small mirror and comb sets tied together with bows do double duty as table décor and favors. Anything frilly or lacy conveys the image of a baby girl, so using lacey table cloths is a great idea. Decorations can also be like fairytale princess themes. All these ideas reflect a baby girl and work great as baby girl shower decorations.

Free baby girl shower themes can include things like flowers. Flowers and girls go hand in hand, so using flowers as decorations is ideal to convey a girly image. In addition, extra girl-themed wrapping paper can be used to wrap empty boxes to use as centerpieces. These are great ideas when money is tight.

Baby girl shower decorations are perfect for a baby shower where the idea is to make it clear the baby is a girl. Little girls are cute and prissy and delicate, so anything that fits with those ideas works great. It is very simple to add a girly touch to almost any decoration.

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