The Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend's Parents
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Impressing your boyfriend’s parents is a tricky business. There’s a lot of factors to consider and this is even worse if you’re meeting them for the first time. If you’re worried about first impressions and getting on their right side, don’t worry, you’re not alone in this challenge.

To help you establish a good relationship with your boyfriend’s parents, and a better one with your partner, check out these gift ideas they’ll definitely like.

A few pointers before you buy

There are probably a few questions you’ve been meaning to ask about buying gifts for “them.” To start, yes, you should get them one whether it’s for meeting them for the first time or if you’re celebrating a special day with them. However, the first important point is that there’s no need to get overly expensive gifts. You wouldn’t want to give the wrong signal or set unsustainable standards for the wrong run. 

The next thing to remember is that the real challenge in gift-giving is to get his mom and pop something they’d like. It’s important to understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in the search for the perfect gift. The items listed below, however, could give you a headstart provided you have an idea of their preferences. Of course, there’s no better way to know this but to ask your boyfriend.

To start your next step towards becoming a part of the family, see the following creative and customized gift ideas for your prospective in-laws:

1. Clothing items

Clothes remain a traditional choice for gift-giving and one that sends a good message to the parents. Giving them something implies you’ve done your homework, which reflects on how your present fits. From matching mom and dad sweaters to personalized socks with names embroidered on them, their attitude toward you will be as comfy as the clothing items you got for them.

Also, when getting them clothes or clothing accessories, feel free to try something new aside from what you know they’d like. Clothes give you the freedom to introduce a new idea to your boyfriend’s parents. Just remember not to go overboard, either with the price or with the creative freedom you have.

2. Plants

For the green-thumbed plant parents, you’ll never go wrong with a potted plant for your next visit. Whether it’s a small cactus or a sprouting evergreen, there’s a plant for every aesthetic and purpose. If they’re cultivating an outdoor garden, you can offer a piece that will thrive and grow along with the rest. Meanwhile, indoor plants are also great to add life and accent to a certain room for the house, making them perfect for plant parents who regularly host parties and events at home. Not only will you survive that particular visit, but they’ll remember you through your gift as they tend to their garden, which is usually a daily relaxation activity for some parents. 

3. Scented candles

Honestly, most dads won’t care much about scented candles but cozying up to mom is a great strategy overall. Your boyfriend probably thinks the same as he watches NFL or MLB with your dad in the living room. Anyway, scented candles usually look luxurious without the shocking costs. They are fragrant, relaxing, and add that ambience in any room they’d choose to put it in–from the bathroom to their bedroom–on top of creating that chic common ground between you and his mother.

4. A box of sugar-free artisan chocolates

This might seem counterintuitive but it’s a surprising treat for most parents. Usually, we try to be careful about food items especially where health is becoming a concern. Still, this kind of chocolate products are good for a number of reasons. First is that they still taste like the usual chocolates but without the blood sugar scare and second, they are usually handmade and crafted by local chocolate artisans. Not only did you give them a sugar-free sweet treat but you also showed support to the local economy.

5. Couples subscription

Nope, this is not for Netflix or Spotify, but for an awesome experience, they both can enjoy together. For example, Atlas Coffee Club gets mom and dad freshly roasted coffee that’s a signature blend from a certain part of the world. You can also get them an online class for cooking, woodworking, sculpting, or painting–the point is to give them a new experience they can enjoy together and have you to thank for it.


Although the potential for presents are limitless, the items listed above can help narrow down your options before your next visit with your boyfriend’s parents. Although every family is different, the time, though, and effort you’ve put into getting them something is a gesture that’s almost universally accepted. Good luck with being part of the family.

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