Giving gifts is a natural urge that comes from the social desire to connect with others and show them respect and affection. However, more and more people are choosing to lead a lifestyle that rejects accepted norms around consumerism and embraces intentional living. If you know someone who aligns with the minimalist lifestyle movement, you might be struggling to come up with gift ideas. Don’t panic – this guide will help you.

What Kind of Minimalist Are They?

Not every minimalist has the same approach, and some are easier to find gifts for than others. If your loved one appreciates minimalist art and design, then there are plenty of beautiful gifts you could choose for them. However, if they are a minimalist who prefers to have barely any belongings, either for aesthetic or moral reasons, you may need to take more time to come up with a good gift idea.

Something Thoughtful

Every gift should be thoughtful to an extent. For a minimalist, a particularly thoughtful gift might be a photograph of you both having fun or a small object to remind them of a fond memory. Think back on past conversations you’ve shared and what you know about their personality. Something simple, small, and considerate will be much more appreciated than something elaborate yet generic.

Something Consumable

If your minimalist friend prefers to keep an exceptionally tidy home, you may have trouble thinking of gifts that won’t be deemed cluttered and therefore donated as soon as you’ve gone. This is why consumable gifts are ideal for minimalists. Items like tasty food and luxurious toiletries can be used up and won’t be a burden on the recipient. Chocolate hampers are perfect gifts because chocolate is so universally loved, and it won’t take up precious space in your minimalist friend’s home. Use your knowledge of their preferences to choose some delicious snacks or a selection of indulgent toiletries.

Something Practical

Many people who live a minimalist lifestyle only want objects in their homes that serve a purpose. Give your minimalist loved one a gift that they will use on a regular basis. What this is exactly will depend on their routine and responsibilities, so think about what they would find the most useful.

Something Memorable

Instead of giving your minimalist friend something tangible, give them the gift of a memorable experience. Take them to dinner or on an exciting trip somewhere they’ve never been before. You can book experiences as gifts, such as spa days or flying lessons, without the recipient feeling like they have a new piece of clutter.

Although there are arguably plenty of good reasons to live a more minimalistic lifestyle, it can be difficult to come up with good gift ideas for someone you care about when they want to have a clutter-free home and every object needs to have a purpose. Hopefully, this gift guide has helped you think of something thoughtful, consumable, practical, or memorable for your minimalist loved one to appreciate.

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