10 Different Bridal Ways Of Dressing From Across The Globe!

A wedding day is when a bride feels that she has to look her best. She probably spends days, months, and even years planning on what she will wear and how the whole look will work out. This is, of course, rooted in the norms that are part of her culture, and as you know, brides across the world have their own way of dressing based on the way things are done in their part of the world.

There may be some commonality in their following how to adapt the latest wedding hairstyles for brides into their dress, but still, the way they dress will change according to their culture and background. The bridal fashions across the globe will make for interesting reading, and their styles could give you inspiration for when you tie the knot.

Here Are Some 10 Different Bridal Styles From Across The Globe:

  • Chinese: A traditional Chinese bride will not have one but three outfits that she will wear during the course of her wedding. But the one that she will actually don during the wedding ceremony will be in red as red is considered very auspicious among the Chinese. Traditionally this will be a cheongsam.
  • Japanese: A Japanese bride getting married in the Shinto tradition is more likely to don a kimono that is really rich and ornate. The wedding kimono is called the shiromuku.
  • Indian: India has many states, and each state has its own wedding tradition, but the emphasis here is on the color red or maroon, and sometimes a bit of cream, yellow and green could also be added along with plenty of gold. The hairstyle has plenty of choices as their wedding hairstyles for Indian Brides.
  • Pakistani: Pakistani brides also wear a lot of jewelry and traditionally get dressed and married in an outfit made in green. The bride also wears a side head ornament that is really typical.
  • German: German brides tend to wear white gowns but rarely do they have a long train. Most of them do not have a veil, and if they do, this does not cover their faces at all.
  • Indonesian: Indonesian brides wear their really ornate and intricate traditional dress, which comes with a magnificent headpiece. It looks really great.
  • Malaysian: The brides here tend to coordinate their outfits with that of the groom, and usually, the bride will be covered modestly from head to toe. Even her head is covered by a cloth.
  • British: British brides wear traditional white, but the dress style could vary depending on the choice of the bride, from the very modern to the contemporary styles.
  • Arabian: The Arabian bride is modestly dressed from top to bottom in the Jalabiya, which is a garment that is worn by both genders. For the wedding, a grander version is worn along with a head covering.
  • Nigerian: A Nigerian bride with her turban makes a rather regal figure in all her traditional finery as she takes the vows into the world of holy matrimony.

The thing about getting married is that it drives us to seek comfort in the way brides in our family and culture have been dressing in the past, and that is why even the most modern of brides tend to be traditional when it comes to dressing up for her wedding.

Plus, there is a tale behind why brides dressed the way they did, and it is these stories and tales that give us a feeling of connection with that of our past.

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