A party has always been, and will always be, an event that everyone looks forward to. It’s a time to celebrate, enjoy, and delight in the fact that you have something to celebrate with friends, family, and loved ones. Sending out party invitations is the first step in making sure your party is a hit. You can theme your party after crazy patterns for some excitement and flair!

Party Invitations For Every Occasion

Planning a party is a fun thing to do for friends, an event, or even to throw for yourself! It’s also a great chance for you to express yourself, your personal style, and your creativity. As you pick a date, a theme, and have your vision of how you wish the party to go, you’ll want to choose your party invitations and templates. If you love parties, you’ll also want to throw in a personalized twist.

Party Invitations and Templates

Party planning is such a blast, but it also goes with a hefty to-do list of things you need to buy, plan for, and create. You’ll want to choose a party template and design that best conveys the type of party you’re looking to have. Your theme, style, and budget will all depict what sort of invitation and template you should be designing or purchasing. Personalizing them is a great way to convey your personal style as well, and guests will be impressed with your knack for party planning.

Personalizing Your Party Invitations

There are plenty of ways to personalize your invitations, giving it that personal touch and style. Fun personalization touches for your party invitations, and templates include monograms, your favorite city (used as a theme), favorite saying, movie, quote, or food style. You can play around with your favorites as much as you want, basing your invitation, menu, and décor on all of it. Guests will have a first look at your style + personality while having a great time as well!

Party Planning Touches

A party isn’t a party without attention to all the details! You’ll want to stay organized and on track as you go down your to-do lists, grocery lists, and research what décor, games, and music work best with your party theme. Be sure to send out those custom party invitations four to six weeks before your party; this is proper event etiquette as it allows guests to get the invite in time to RSVP, grab a gift (if applicable) and clear their busy schedule for your fun, personalized party!

Custom Party Invitations For Every Occasion!

If you want to find the best custom party invitations possible or any other type of party stationery for a very special event, your first stop should be with Basic Invite. Not only do they offer a huge selection of party invitations for almost any special person’s event, but Basicinvite.com will go one step further and will use trendy colors in unlimited combinations to make your party invitation as unique as you are. You can build your own color theme too.

When it comes to the custom party invitations, you’ll find plenty to love here. Plus, you can see your unique party invitations BEFORE purchasing so you don’t have to worry about being disappointed. Of course, those are just a couple of great reasons to shop here.

  • Personalizing Birthday Invitations Just like your little princess is unique and special, you want her birthday invitations to be equally as unique and special. Buying stationery off-the-rack just isn’t going to be an option. By making your purchase from Basicinvite.com, you also have the option of adding any photo or special picture to ANY of the stationery on the website so the cards will be one-of-a-kind creations.
  • Saving Money on Printable Birthday Invitations Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate someone turning one year older, but doing so does require spending some money. By choosing Basic Invite for your stationery needs, you can have free address collection and address printing with your order. With their affordable prices, you can create the perfect kid birthday invitation and throw the perfect Birthday Invitation Party at great savings.
  • Need a Unique Birthday Invitation? – For some celebrations, finding the perfect card can be difficult. That’s why you should check out the exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs available ONLY at Basicinvite.com. You can find great choices for your Birthday Invites there, as well as suggestions on creative birthday invitations and Birthday Invitation Wording options.
  • Check Out the Party Invitations  – You don’t have to take our word for how good your Custom Party Invitations are going to look when you receive them. Instant previews allow you to adjust your card until it is just right. Build your own color theme and see what your card is going to look like when printed. You can check it out and make unlimited changes to the card at no additional cost. That’s the best way to know you will be happy with the Custom Party Invites when the real things are in your hands.
  • Retirement Party Announcements – Retirement is a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated. Start with a custom retirement party invitation, then add the matching candy bar wrappers and thank you cards to match. You’ll see Basicinvite.com has got unique and easy to order retirement party announcement. Choose from the wide selection of unique invitations on their website.
Retirement party announcement - Choosing the Right Party Invitations.

Whether you need custom party invitationsthank you cards, retirement party announcements, or other event cards and announcements such as anniversary invitations, bridal shower invitations, holiday invitations, baby shower invitations, and more, you’ve come to the right place!

Choosing the Right Party Invitations

So, you’re looking to host a party—how fun! There are plenty of steps to planning a party, and they must be done in the correct order to make this as fun, easy, and organized as possible. Choosing your party theme will be first on your list. This will help depict and decide various other things about your party you’re planning.

Choosing a Theme

Choosing a theme for your party is the first thing to do when planning your affair. Take some things into consideration, such as the group of friends attending this event, what time of the year or week it’s at, or what brings you and your guests together to celebrate. Is it a book club party, a shower celebrating some event like a baby shower or bridal shower, or celebrating a new job or retirement party announcement? All things you need to take into consideration when choosing your theme. Think of creative and innovative ideas that can be used when you decided and hone in on a theme, and we’ll go from there.

Choosing Your Invitations

Choosing your invitations will be the next important step in planning your party. Choosing the right party invitations is important, as it allows guests to get a “sneak peek” of what sort of party they can look forward to. It allows them to get a feel of what to expect as far as attire, décor, food, games, and more. An example of this would be if it were a costume party, you would have something implied on the invitation to let them know to expect such a thing. A book club part may have a book or the book jacket embedded into the invitation. A games night party might have a Tic-Tac-Toe or Monopoly board as the basis of the invitations. Give your guest a preview of what to expect as you choose your party invitations.

Design and Décor

Many people don’t realize this, but planning a party does take some creativity, design, and vision. Decide on your theme, what sort of invitations you’re sending out, and then begin work on the menu and decorations. Try to get them all to tie into one another to complete this theme best you can. Allow the theme and vision you had for your party to carry through from the invitations to the last event or part of the evening.

Planning a party is a fun time for everyone involved. Choose the right custom party invitations for your party, a fun theme, and the rest will come easy.

The Different Styles and Types of Party Invitation Templates

Are you the person everyone expects to hold that special party? Is your house everyone wants to gather at for that holiday get-together or that family function? Maybe you are just a social butterfly and like to show off your culinary skills by hosting a dinner party just to get your friends together. No matter how many parties or events you hold throughout the year, there are different styles and types of invitation templates that can make sending out your invitations much easier.

The Different Styles and Types of Party Invitation Templates.

What Might Be The Best Solution

In this world of message overload, it can be hard to make an impression. But with Basicinvite.com, you will only be limited by your imagination. When I received samples from the company, I was impressed enough to see what I could come up with on my own. I became even more impressed when I went online and explored the design and personalization options that were available for me to play with as I designed my own invitations.

There are so many social situations and special occasions where a personalized card or a custom party invitation is appropriate and adds a little something extra to the message. You can send an invitation to your child’s sixth birthday party with a photo of your now toothless child grinning on the front; an anniversary invitation with a photo of your parents holding hands together; a thank you note that reflects your traditional taste; a baby shower invite with a photo of a pregnant tummy and a stork on the front.

Whether it’s a personal social situation or business-related function, a small event, or filled with a lot of hooplas, it’s easy to do any of these and many more using Basicinvite.com’s friendly interface.

Your guests will be very impressed with the invitations they receive one you start using different styles and types of party invitation templates.

Get the Best Party Invitations – Basic Invite

If you’re looking to create anywhere from one to more than 100 personalized cards, the flexibility, selection, and ease of Basicinvite.com can’t be beaten. The designs are fresh, and the site is easy to navigate.

  • A retailer of personalized cards, including invitations, announcements, greeting cards, and business cards.
  • There’s a choice of many fonts and 180 colors for your message.
  • There are over 2000 designs created by many artists with styles ranging from contemporary to classic to everything in between.
  • Basic Invite offers additional services, including addressing, stamping, and mailing your cards for you.
  • A wonderful assortment of designs to fit any personality or style.
  • A wide range of options for customizing your cards.
  • It’s easy to use the site to create your custom party invitations.
  • Free guest address printing service for all invites
  • Create your free wedding website
  • Download Free Wedding Planner Binder Printable
Get the Best Party Invitations

Steps to Ideal Party Invitation Templates

Are you looking for that ideal party invitation template? It would make it so much simpler for you to get the great party invitations you want. Your time is valuable, and you love throwing those parties for your friends, but you do not have a lot of time left to deal with the invites. What if you could get a template that was ideal, that you could be creative with? What if you could bypass all the time and expense of printing them yourself? It is possible. Here are the steps to ideal party invitation templates.

First the List Of “Do Not’s”

  • Do not go to the store to purchase a template program. These are generic, time-consuming, and can harm your computer if you buy the wrong one.
  • Do not download a free template from the internet. These are great if you want something generic and have a lot of time and money to spend on printing supplies and printing.
  • Do not pay for a download of a template. While these can be great and there are many choices out there, you still have to spend money on ink, paper and you still have to monitor the print jobs yourself. If you run out of paper, ink, or the printer jams, you have to start the printing all over again. If you did not save your changes, you then have to design the template all over again.

Steps to the Ideal Party Invitation Template

  • Step one: Start a search on the internet. What you are looking for is the sites that allow you to create you to use their templates and store them on their website. Basicinvite.com is our favorite. There are many of these places, and they will do the printing for you. Some of them charge only for the printing, while others charge an onetime set fee, a monthly, or a yearly membership fee.
  • Step two: Choose a site that gives you many creative options like draw and paint. Choose a website that allows you to change your template for different invites when you throw different parties or allows you to set up more than one template.
  • Step three: Choose a site that will print and ship your invitations, add personal touches, allows you to change colors and decorative elements, and allows you to change the type of text.
  • Step four: Choose a site that will allow you to view a sample of your work before ordering your cards. You may also want to choose a site that allows a choice of different shapes and card stock.

See, it is that easy to find the ideal party invitation template. The most time you will spend will be looking through the sites to choose the right one. When you find the site you want, you will be able to create invitations in just a few clicks, view them, and then have them shipped to you within a few days.

It is that simple. The list is short. You can have great custom party invitation templates and get your invitations professionally printed for you at Basicinvite.com. Most of these places only charge for printing and shipping, which can cost you a lot less than it would if you do your own printing. Some of them will charge a monthly or yearly membership fee, but it is usually minimal. It is that simple. This is the entire party invitation template to-do list.

If you follow these steps to ideal party invitation templates, you will save money, send out unique one-of-a-kind party invitations and never have to bother with all the other hassles again.

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